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Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza

Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza

Screen led facade


Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza has more than 28 million passengers throughout the year, with extremely high offline traffic and advertising value. It is the first international and experiential shopping mall of China, and also China’s first commercial 5G plus five-star shopping mall. 

The brand’s promos were played through the LED transparent display Isky-N3, 9-7, 8 of size of 186 m² the sightseeing elevator in the atrium and make the brand more efficient and attractive with its transparent, highlight and dynamic features. Consumers were stunned once it was unveiled, and countless people were attracted to take photos. This LED transparent screen permit to promote a lot of different brands and help to organize different events like exhibitions, concert, show etc. 

This product has many advantages as is simple, stylish and refleting technologie.

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