Street Communication is a young, dynamic and international team. We are specialized in design,
conception & installation of unique & custom-made LED screens.

We take charge of your project from A to Z, following a
process that takes into account all the technical and artistic aspects in order to best integrate the realization within the chosen space. As she always had was.

Hand to illustrate the consultancy of Street CommunicationConsultancy

Our team of specialists is attentive and will be able to target the needs of your project, to guide you in the choice of your screen and to provide you with a complete estimate. We take care of the realization of your project, from its conception to its installation and we give birth to your most creative ideas bringing our expertise.


Step by step, with our customers, we begin to translate their ideas into a 3D design of the screen, so we can begin to visualize the final result: the optimal size of the LED screen, its location, its shape, the constraints of the place it will be installed in.


Once the project design is agreed and carefully evaluated against structural and visual requirements, the design of electrical and mechanical engineering can begin. The final mechanical design is carefully discussed and evaluated with architects and structural engineers to ensure an appropriate fit.


Our LED screens are manufactured using quality components, capable of operating in the harshest environmental conditions. StreetCo’s products are designed to bring out the very best in advanced LED technology and all of our products have been designed to last in time, consume less energy, with a minimum purchase and production cost.


All installation maneuvers are executed and coordinated by our local teams or partners. On site, we manage the integration and installation of your screens from A to Z. A LED engineer from our team will provide support and training to local partners and will be present throughout the project.


Street Communications works closely with a network of qualified local partners for installation, service and maintenance. Our partners and teams are trained and experienced to provide you with quality services and preventive maintenance.

Manufacturer of custom Flexible, curved, transparent LED display video screen in any size and shape

ilusstration of to illustrate the sustainability of Street Communication

Sustainable Design

For the design of its screens, Street Communication strives to focus on sustainability. Indeed, the LED technology used by our teams allows us to create screens with a longer life span. Our realizations consist of an assembly of LED modules, which allows us to manage the maintenance of each individually and which saves us from having to replace the entire screen. Moreover, the LEDs we use consume much less energy than conventional screens, and have a high resistance to shocks, bad weather (for outdoor applications), as well as extreme temperatures

Floor LED

Small pitch LED

Adhesif LED

pens to illustrate the design value of Street CommunicationDesign

We focus on the design of our screens and always strive to link creativity and cutting-edge technology to our projects. Our architects use the most competent tools to give life to their craziest ideas and to surprise you every day a little more.

Electric buld innovation values of Street CommunicationInnovation

Always on the page in terms of technical and architectural innovations, we produce ever more powerful and resistant LED displays and try to push our projects even further, concentrating on their originality, their durability, and their quality.

Ecology valueHumanity/Ecology

want to create honest relationships, based on trust, whether in our team or in our exchanges with our customers. We believe that trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and we strive to make our clients feel part of our team.

Ear for attentive listening value of Street CommunicationAttentive listening

Our team ensures an attentive listening service troughout your entire project and we will always welcome any suggestions or requests from your part. We are fully trained in the LED technology world as well as its latest advances so we are able to guide you trough your choices.

Column LED

Flexible Architectural LED

In-glass LED