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We have an extensive experience and industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated, whatever the size, color, curvature, venue, interaction, environment or interface. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and organic approach to display design within our dedicated and diverse team. We draw on an eclectic wealth of resource that makes the challenge into an achievable design creative. We aim to realize every vision of imagery for maximum impact by blending modern, sleek styling with the best of British engineering.

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An integrated process Under a single roof

Retail – Stadiums – TV studios – Architecture – Building facade – Airports – Hospitality – Virtual production


We create unlimited entertainment to bring people together

About Street CO'


Stree Co’ has a variety of award-winning LED displays at any size, shape, and feel. Quality is of the utmost importance to our company. Our products go through many rigorous testings and procedures done by our own engineers. We ensure that at every part of the manufacturing process, there is monitored testing that can ensure that we deliver exactly what we been ordered.


our realtime diagnostics monitoring system can constantly monitor such metrics as module health, receive cards, power supplies, data communications, pc health, operating temperatures, connectivity and provide auto-correction or email alerts when there are any exceeding thresholds that can reduce downtime.


We have you covered when it comes to LED display systems, screen rentals, or after purchase support. We dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality services and customer care in order to ensure your full experience. By having multiple U.S. and European offices, that means we are driven towards a standard of high quality and of excellence that leads you to meet your standards as well.


Whether you want our products to be labeled as your own or not, we have the tools, resources, and skills to do them all. With both an in-house electrical and mechanical design team of engineers, we create unique, creative, and standout designs for you to utilize under your or our name.


Hailing from various backgrounds including audio visual, integration, installation, maintenance, engineering, design, sales and management we have been committed to built a professional team whilst developing key partnerships with clients.


We specialize in development, fabrication, and installation of our design concepts. This allows us to create tangible and most creative structures for our clients to rely upon such as:

– Drawings / Structural & Electrical Engineering / Steelwork Engineering

All of these aspects are safe in our hands.

customer care

through the order process and after care

Why working with street co'?

you can be creative without experiencing any design limitations. We take pride in delivering world-class service across all industries.

Our customer support team is by your side throughout the entire process, from the consultation to the final integration and installation of your high-quality LED displays. With our experience, technology and two-year warranty, you can feel confident choosing STREET CO’ for your professional LED display projects.

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