LED Cylinder deconstructed screen display

    You can rent those ready to use rental solution for an interactive stage performance, or an eye-catching Cylinder LED deconstructed. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system and expectations.

    Anyone who would consider having these – Would certainly live a new experience to display your brands with excellent quality.

    Remembering the color and re-lighting it by look this ad.

    A . Physical space and dimensions to set up your Cylinder LED.

    B . Rental or permanent installation of the interactive Cylinder LED

    C . Scenario for the script of the animation. This is the most imaginative part of the process and we encourage you to dream big!

    Adhesive Column screen LED Display

    A flexible column LED display which could be stuck, to do what traditional display cannot do then ho help customer generate revenue.

    The major advantage of our Adhesive LED Display is its light weight, thinness, high permeation ratio and its easy way to install.

    Our adhesive LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source. We install components on PCB board with high transparent rate. Through specially designed solid glue, the whole display unit is integrated into an optical lens base board, with a minimum thickness of less than 1mm-3mm.

    Easy maintenance and update

    Long lifespan, and just replace particular LED strip instead of the whole module.

    Stable performance

    Countless and strict testing before products leave the factory and enjoy good reputation among clients.

    Compact structure design

    With light and slim design, the screen looks compact and will save transportation and storage cost.

    Easy installation and maintenance

    Easily fix the module in the structure very fast; customized installation is also available.

    Easy transportation with light weight

    Only 12 kg/sqm including all the structure and power supply, which is half the weight of traditional LED screen.

    Modular design

    Based on the most proper pixel pitch, standard modules can be assembled into display in diverse sizes.

    High brightness

    The energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen, and it’s still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.


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