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LED ceiling screen display

LED Ceiling Screen Display
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LED ceiling screen display presentation

They needed some outside help to fill the spaces of this huge bloc building with a design and architectural touch.

Our designer team worked hard to meet the client’s expectations and created several propositions to fit in that large space. They created something that matched the brand new building and its interior design in sophisticated way.

LED screens on ceilings is an unusual thing, we are used too see them on walls, showcases, but rarely above our heads. As for LED interactive floors, LED module ceilings are one innovative and futuristic solution to stand out. By day and night, this LED module Ceiling will light up the ceiling of your location and attract passers’ attention. Their brightness will captivate any eye and bring a “wow factor” to any of your project.

Ceiling LED video display is a huge full color LED display installed in the ceiling of indoor and outdoor commercial street, integrating sound, light to create a fantastic full immersive effect.

Street Cos Ceiling LED video display adopts high-quality LED lamps, achieving high brightness and rich colors.

It is the perfect new and intuitive LED screen display design, perfect for making big statements in large spaces like :

  • Shopping centers
  • Cinemas
  • Airports
  • Bars
  • Exhibitions
  • …and so on to get eye-catching results.

There are also OLED screen

A flexible organic light emitting diode is a type of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) incorporating a flexible plastic substrate on which the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is deposited.

The flexible LED modules are made of soft PCB and rubber materials.They are extremely soft, can be designed in any sizes and shapes for creative installations. They can be easily attached anywhere, including in shopping malls, hotels, clubs…

The basic structure of an OLED is an emissive layer sandwiched between a cathode(which injects electrons) and an anode (which removes electrons). It’s thinness allows the OLED displays to be foldable and transparent, and adds to this incredible technology a large range of various applications.

Design construction plans of the product and solution. Our team of OLED product design, designer and engineer will come up with few safe and convenient options based on the structure your team will share with us – That will be shared on commissioning.

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