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Cube shaped LED screen display

Creative Cubic LED screen display

Street Co’ offers a large panel of various type of screens and designs. Flexible, Angled, Transparent, Indoor, Outdoor… The only limit is imagination ! The current technologies allow us to create any shape we desire and bring light to it ! The simple LED screen displays becomes a piece of art itself

Here are a few examples of what creativity can lead to :

Or, as showed bellow, into a Cubic LED screen display.

Original LED screen displays

Originals LED screen displays create a unique way to show the beautiful exhibited artwork and reflect the unique and harmonious visual culture characteristics that define your company.
As a new kind of mass media, the LED display can be completely a replacement for traditional advertising media for that its technology is now already very mature. Which allow us and our designer team to imagine new possibilities and achieve our customers dreams. It’s been found out that more and more clients need some more creative products to reflect their characteristic culture.

​This cubic LED display increases the dynamic light effect by its shape. Essentially, the basic unit of the cube led screen is the same with the regular led screen, except that we use Angled LED display cabinets to obtain the proper angle to fix the LED cabinets together into a Cube.

cubic LED

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