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LED Mesh: The New Frontier of LED Tech

Mesh LED
Mesh LED
Mesh LED

To the Viking warriors who crossed Bifröst into Valhalla and the Knights of the Crusades it was known as chainmail. It was called ‘mesh-belts’ by the French using it in their paper-mills, whereas industrialists simply referred to it as ‘wire-mesh’. Wire-mesh or rather its concept is a significant element across industries for a variety of reasons because of its practicality.

Aluminium frame D6 strip curtain

Building facade for mesh led combination of different outdoor pitch

Over the last few hundred years, the practicality of ‘mesh’ which predominantly revolved around its flexibility and robustness has moved into every aspect of the various industries that surround us and recently the ‘mesh concept’ has penetrated the LED light industry in a ‘very big way’. LED mesh is quickly becoming the preferred LED light construct due to its high transparency, ultra-lightweight, foldable, mobility and slim design. Its flexibility allows installation for stage backdrops or even used to convert an entire building into a large media façade. As with any other LED display construct or screen, Mesh LEDs are also capable of playing text, animation, slides and videos. They could also be used for both indoor and outdoor environments which make them perfect for just about any condition.

A Boost for Creativity through Flexibility

Creativity requires space and as well as the freedom to explore imaginative ideas towards blooming them into something interesting enough. LED Mesh provides exactly just that, in addition, the fact that the mesh is ‘see-through’, the screen projects a stereoscopic visual effect which does not just catch the attention of the audiences but also gives designers an added element to play with. Flexible LED Mesh provides the adequate flexibility to conjure creative LED screen shapes and sizes ranging from waves and curves to column wraps and odd frames. The various pitch pixel sizes available also make it perfect for just about any scenario of attraction. To say it plainly, LED Mesh is an attention seeking missile that would never miss its target!


10 Key Facts about LED Mesh

Some of the most important facts that makes LED mesh suitable include these 10 reasons:

Technical Advantages

Most standard LED mesh constructs are utilised for outdoor areas that require large screens which usually do not require high resolutions. The principle that it works on is the same as the principle used for traditional LED screens which are basically ‘compiled’ together. This means that each of the LED mesh panels is combined to ‘erect’ the screens with specific dimensions. Thus, the lightweight, transparent, easy assembly and cost-effectiveness of LED mesh become key factors in preference. These factors are also critical for ‘rentals’ as assembling and disassembling LED mesh is much easier than most other choices.

Kicking off at pitch pixel 6mm (Indoor and close range screens) to pixel pitch 50mm (for outdoors or large indoor stadiums) with 2000nits to 15000nits of solid brightness riding shotgun, options are endless. In essence the level of flexibility of products such as the LED Mesh Flex curtain Series are simply incredible due to its lightness, versatility and robustness. These curtains as they are commonly referred to can be bowled or rolled-up, curved into just about any direction or hung just about anywhere. This is the main reason as to why LED mesh are easily shaped into a motley variety of shapes and sizes to suit just about any façade with the appropriate resolution to boot.


The primary components of LED Mesh include a flexible frame that is integrated with flexible strings turning it into the mesh screen which makes it exceedingly easy to not just install, but also easy to remove and transport. This makes LED mesh the most cost efficient large scale product to handle and in addition to that, maintenance of LED mesh is trouble free. The product also has other additional options such as ultra-light aluminium slots or independent brackets that could be used for linear lighting purposes. As for the electronics, much of it is pretty standard, for example the splitters and video controllers are the same with most other LED display products which means that there are no additional components from this aspect.

The entire unit is interconnected or interlocked securely between panels using a quick lock system that is exceedingly durable.

These units could also be assembled whilst the lights are turned on, which is the main reason as to why assembly is easy (nobody has to physically turn the power system off/ on).

Pitch pixels as mentioned earlier are also flexible based on the fact that it ranges from 6mm to 50mm. With these kinds of options, large-scale media experience for audiences around the globe is being reinvented in a big way!







Popularly used for outdoor signage, building facade, ceiling LED displays at nightclubs and stage events LED mesh has started moving into niche spectrums of the industry.

Nowadays LED mesh are used indoors as much as they are used outdoors, for instance at showrooms and ballrooms simply because they are customisable into any shape or size seamlessly.

This allows LED mesh to fit perfectly into architectural structures and for décor.

The level of ‘simple sophistication’, scalability and semi-transparency allows LED mesh units to transform any surface into a brilliant palette for video animations graphics and text.

Other Mesh LED Pictures

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