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Timescope – Montparnasse

Timescope - Montparnasse


Indoor LED Wall

Client : Tour Montparnasse

End of 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by Timescope to work on an amazing project in collaboration with Magnicity.

Timescope create content and immersive environments and are specialized in VR (Virtual Reality). Timescope helps cultural sites, territories and brands to better convey their story through digital and immersive technologies.

Their projects over time have been varied in nature and scale. They work on projects all over the world to immerse visitors and companies in their historical reproductions.

Context / environment : LED Wall for the Montparnasse tower

Montparnasse Tower, the tallest European tower, located in the center of Paris, near Montparnasse train station is the European tallest tower with an incomparable view on the Eiffel Tower.

The manager and directors of Montparnasse Tower are preparing for the long renovation that is planned since several years now inside this amazing tower.
Before closing the tour for the 5 years renovation, they decided to contact Magnicity and Timescope to work on a very special project.

For this Tour, Timescope had a very precise idea of what to do to increase the number of visitors on this location.

The idea, re-creating the evolution of Paris from hundreds of years ago in a video displayed on a giant LED screen on the last floor of Montparnasse tower.

Visitors will have the best view over Paris today with the tall glass windows all around floor 56, but will also be immersed in the old Paris with the screen

Solution to install a indoor LED Wall

The idea was to cover one entire wall on this 56th floor of the tour. Timescope showed us the location they had in mind and we started studying the best solution for the support structure for the LED Screen on the wall and the biggest possible screen size we could design to cover as much as possible of this wall. We use our indoor produit BNX Series 1.9.

The screen needed to be as thin as possible and as resistant as possible since this is a public space, childrens can reach the screen with their hands so we designed a solution with a protective layer on top of the LED panels called Glue on Bord (GOB technology).

The client also required that we integrate the sound system on-site, which would be linked to the video displayed on the LED screen. Timescope has been working on the sound design for this set-up, to immerse even more the visitors in addition to the visual part.

The video processor we are using is the VX1000 from Novastar that enables the end client to go from displaying Timescope’s video to displaying any other type of contents for other events in the Tower (Corporate event/live content/live musique).

Project Lead Time: 3.5 months

2 months for production and 1.5 months for transportation.

Engineering of Indoor LED Wall

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of Indoor LED Wall of BNX Series.

Materials and product specifications for LED screen:

  • BNX P1.9
      • 6 main power cables
      • 6 main signal cables
      • 39 power supplies
      • 39 receiving cards
      • Brightness: 900nits
      • Refresh rate 3840hz
      • Aluminium cabinet
      • Steel and Aluminium support structure
      • Screen size: 5.75×2.5m (14,375m2 total)
      • Screen resolution: 3026×1315

        Materials and product specifications for Sound System:

        • 1x eGPA8-150 – Amplificateur 8x150W RMS @ 4 Ohms
        • 1x eGPA4-150 – Amplificateur 4x150W RMS @ 4 Ohms
        • 3x VIC6X – Paire de haut-parleurs pour faux-plafond, noirs
        • 1x VICSB8X – Paire de haut-parleurs pour faux-plafond renfort de basses, noirs
        • 2x AUDEO 106 – Paire de haut-parleurs noirs

Challenge to install last minute

The challenge here was to optimise the space used for the installation so we worked on a very slim screen solution which would take the smallest possible space in the location.

The wall we had to equip with the LED screen was 5.89m L x 2.73m H, so we designed a screen of 5.5m L x 2.5m H (14,375m2 of LED Screen in total), leaving only 7cm space on each side of the LED wall. The chosen product is only 4cm thick so that the screen takes minimum space on the site.

With the help of our structural partners, Edbak we designed a support structure of only 6cm thick using Aluminium and Steel plates, to make an overall installation of less than 11cm thick (structure and screen). For these high-end installation we only use professional screen installation structure to ensure the durability of the installation.

Impact : Install a Indoor LED Wall

This impressive LED Screen will be used to display the evolution of Paris the last 700years. People interested in history will absolutely love this visual experience while being at the top of the world on the 56th floor of the Tower.

Timescope has added different interactive structures in the tower to entertain the visitors even more and immerse them in their historical simulations.

These installations will attract more clients in the tower before the renovation planned in 2 years. This financial investment for the tower is supposed to boost the tower’s activity (tourism) and we can already see the result after 2 months.

The tower will also use the screen for corporate or private events. They will rent the space with the screen and sound system.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2023

  • Location : Tour Montparnasse, Paris
    Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Timescope + Magnicity

  • Team : Street Co’ FR + Shenzhen Offices

Quality Control of Indoor LED Wall

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