bnx series

bnx series


Professional indoor fixed lED sign. Assemble what you want it for !

BNX series : High definition images, dynamic animation effects, support multiple broadcast format, widely application for retail shops, chain stores, TV studios, cinemas, airports, museums.

bnx series

High-end magnificent in appearance concise and beautiful

Pixel pitch (mm)

  • 1.5/ 1.95/ 2.5/ 2.6/ 3.1/ 3.9

Pixel density (pixels/sq.m.)

  • 409600/ 262144/ 160000/ 147456/ 112896/ 102400/ 65536

Brightness (nit)

  • 600/ 600/ 900/ 900/ 900/ 900/ 900

Compact appearance

  • Fancy cabinet design, and both power and data cables are connected internally to ensure no extra uncovering cables outward.
compact appearance bnx series
bnx series multi cabinet sizes

multi-cabinet sizes

  • 500x250x48mm
  • 750x250x48mm
  • 1000x250x48mm
  • 500x500x48mm
  • 500x1000x48mm

super lightweight & slim

Cabinet is super light – only 5kg for 750x250mm cabinet and super slim with depth of only 48mm

highly efficient bnx series

highly efficient heat dissipation

Modules without back shell design helps to dissipate heat more efficiently.

fast lock design (optional)

Auto upside and downside locks make operation easier and more convenient, realizing quick installation.

fast lock design bnx series

full front maintenance

Module: front magnetic maintenance + front vacuum maintenance

Front maintenance: PSU + HUB card + Receiving card

easy maintenance

Modules are designed without back shell;

HUB cards and PSU can be taken down and maintained quickly;

AS long as the two pieces corresponding modules are taken down.

easy maintenance bnx series
malposed combination bnx series

malposed combination

Cabinets can be combined malposed

rotated combined

Modules can be rotated and spliced;

The width can be matched at will;

Can spell only size screen

cut corner screen bnx series

cut-corner & corner screen

Cabinets can be combined freely to cut-corner and corner (-90°-0°) screen horizontally

indoor creative solution

Cabinets can be mixed combined

indoor creative solution
display a better world for all bnx series

display a better world for all

High-end magnificent in appearance, concise and beautiful