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Video Screens for Sports and Arenas, Visual Engagement for Arenas, Stadiums, and Convention Centers

why video screens for sports & arenas ?

THE GAME-WINNING VISUALIZATION SOLUTION FOR SPORTS TEAMS AND ARENAS WORLD-WIDE Drawing maximum fan attention amid the excitement of live sporting events can be challenging. Street Co’s large-format video screens utilize LED technology to deliver bright, seamless, high-resolution messaging in virtually any shape, size or curvature, driving vendor and sponsorship revenue. Ensuring your partners get the exposure they demand while engaging fans maximizes your ROI.

Video Screens elevate the spectator experience, while boosting the venue’s bottom line
through increased advertising revenue. For sporting venues looking to create a better fan
experience and drive extra revenue opportunities, awe-inspiring LED displays from
Street Co’ deliver.

Winning teams worldwide have utilized Street Co’ for hanging concourse signage, seamless
video walls, court-side advertising, scoreboards and hall of fame exhibits. We deliver solutions
to ensure your message lives up to the excitement of the game itself.

Stadium Exterior façade led display

Stadium are very large infrastructures. Either from the outside or the inside stadiums needs to show the best of the events they are


Make your stadium work for you and for the fans

we're about exploring possibilities

Lighting designer. Architect. Artist. Light sculptor. Interior designer. Building owner. City
planner. Creative soul. Innovative thinker.

Sound like you? If so, we can help you harness the unique power of light to attract a crowd,
build a brand, make a statement, and reinvigorate buildings and spaces.

Most of newly created stadium need to combine both aspects of:

Lighting design comes as an essential feature to enlighten the façade of the stadium.
LED display is key for a world wide recognition.

Our cloud based CMS (content management system) is a fabulous way for businesses to easily update content across their entire estate of digital screens and LED video walls.

The concept is pretty straightforward. The administrator simply logs into the software portal using a secure ID and password and then uploads all of their digital assists to the cloud based server. This data can then be used to schedule content as and when desired or when certain
triggers are activated, for instance if the temperature reaches a certain level.


We set creative minds free to explore the unique power of light.

Our advanced lighting solutions help our customers inspire memorable experiences, create beauty, attract crowds, build brands, and get results.

We offer one of the broadest, deepest portfolios of specialized lighting solutions through a network of 100+ suppliers located anywhere in the world—including some of the industry’s most recognized and respected luminaire families. And our complete solutions include advanced luminaires, controllers, remote management software, and more.

We’re unlocking the extraordinary potential of light to inspire brighter lives and create a better world.

maxresdefault with giant led facade

We’re ready to help you explore the possibilities.

Our specification-grade lighting solutions transform buildings or façade lighting, interiors and exteriors. Our intelligent lighting inspires exhilarating experiences that engage people on a deep, emotional level. And our advanced luminaries enable artists to create stunningly beautiful light sculptures.

We empower you with a full toolbox of highly configurable, dynamic lighting solutions—plus unrivaled experience and expertise. We work closely with you to turn your vision—simple or grand, local or international—into reality.

Allianz-Arena-4 with giant led facade

We Give You the Freedom to Choose

We offer one of the broadest, deepest portfolios of professional lighting solutions in the world. Our highly configurable solutions offer the power and type of light that you need to achieve your creative vision. Choose from tunable to dynamic color—or both in the same luminaire. Our inventive form factors fit seamlessly into even the most challenging installations. We deliver complete solutions that include advanced controllers, power/data supplies, monitoring software, accessories, and much more. And our open systems integrate seamlessly with other elements.

Different types of light, capabilities, power, form factors, and price points—it’s all part of our commitment to delivering what you need, exactly how you nee


We Can Light It All

Our Street Co' luminaires are designed for the most demanding lighting projects, while our Vaya series by Street Co' offers options for projects that don’t require maximum output. And we’re always developing new solutions to meet the evolving, expanding needs of a vibrant marketplace.


Innovation Is Embedded in Our DNA

Our eyes are always on the horizon, searching for new technologies and breakthroughs that will take state-of-the-art a giant step ahead.

We’ll keep innovating, always—in all ways, far into the future. Because we’re curious. And committed to taking lighting further.

Optical systems that break the rules to deliver remarkably even illumination. Brighter luminaires that reach higher and further. Integrated technologies that ensure control, consistency, and convenience. That’s innovation. That’s Street Co’.

Our technology integrates advanced power management right into LED luminaires, making life easier for our customers, as well as installers and electricians. We ensure consistent LED output and great results from the very start by selecting the right LEDs.

stadium nou palau blaugrana CAO

Unlocking the Extraordinary Potential of Light—Together

Exploring the possibilities of lighting demands relentless research and experimentation. It means expanding current technologies while envisioning the future. It requires connecting lighting and people in new, unexpected ways. And it relies on close collaboration that draws from sophisticated and specialized expertise.


Looking Ahead

We serve a dynamic creative community that is pushing the boundaries with lighting projects that would have been unimaginable in the past. And you’re part of it.

We’re ready to help you create beauty, transform structures, and reinvent public spaces. And above all, to inspire meaningful experiences and real, emotional responses. Our relentlessly innovative solutions turn possibilities into completed projects. Our committed people deliver deep expertise. And our partners help us go even further. Always moving forward. Always innovating.

usbankstadium-soccer-with giant screen
giant led screen stadium

Media Solutions

Creating stunning dynamic visual effects on a large scale is the aim of media facades and through softwares truly spectacular lighting designs can be realised. Seamless colour mixing, precise pixel mapping and durable products all combine to make
fixtures perfect for a huge range of media applications.


Collaboration is key

Design innovations like this could only be achieved through close collaboration between the architecture and LED display, lighting designers and engineer teams. Therefore the best strategy is the wayfinding, designers, engineers team to work with the architects at the earliest possible stage in the project so that the signage could be integrated into the subtract fabric of the building.


What are the advantages of LEDs?

LEDs offer a variety of advantages to lighting professionals and ultimate beneficiaries of LED lighting systems — from creative individuals to innovative businesses to visionary cities and countries:

lille stadium pierre mauroy

Light moves quickly. So do we.

We’re inspiring creative minds and letting their imaginations run free. We’re expanding our extensive portfolio of advanced dynamic lighting solutions. We’re constantly searching for—and discovering—breakthrough technologies that enable new capabilities.
It’s a fascinating, challenging time in the global lighting industry. We’re proud to be Street Co’ a global. Most of the games and event are happening at night. The light of the façade is key to attract and share the correct vision about the building. The majority of the technological systems are automated, starting with those controlling the lighting, which have motion detectors so that they will switch on and off.
Behind the curtain:
Connected Light:
When designing your building façade you should:
lille stadium pierre mauroy
Optimize operations
Flexible design
Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems
Simplify wiring with a single high power driver
Make installation and maintenance easier via the luminaire Service tag, a QR-based identification system
Provide different optical choices to fit various stadium structures
Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space
Increase flexibility with optional glare-control louvers

Best Façade building for stadiums understand the key elements is to make a successful design


Discover dynamic lighting

Illuminate your sports venues and create inspiring visual experiences for your fans by combining RGBW LED luminaires with dynamic, colorful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics or Street Co’

Sports & Stadium Screens

LED Screen Digital has a wide array of digital screen options and solutions to help increase value and revenues for sports stadiums, clubs and organizations as well as maximize fan engagement.


plan Stadium

Stadiums are very large outdoor sporting venues designed to showcase top level national and international competitions. In general, stadiums are equipped with scoreboards and LED display solutions: 2 giant LED screens at both ends of the field and LED perimeter display.

Discover an example of typical installations lighting display and LED video solutions for
stadiums. The turnkey solution for your sports display needs.

We share our expertise with you in order to assist you and ensure that your project is a success.


Arena CAO

Arenas are very large sporting facilities designed to showcase top level national and international competitions. In general, these halls are equipped with scoreboards and LED display solutions: video cube with 4 LED screens hung over the centre of the court and with LED
perimeter display.

Discover an example of typical installations combining Bodet scoreboards and LED video solutions for arenas.

Advice: our research department analyses the feasibility of your installation and our technical sales staff support you throughout the development of your project.


plan Rink

Skating rinks are venues where ice hockey is played as well as skating and curling. scoreboards and LED video solutions must be designed to resist the harsh climatic conditions of skating rinks: humidity and extreme temperatures. With our engineering department, we develop products that are totally adapted to the environment of ice skating rinks and to the practice of Ice hockey.

Discover an example of typical installations combining Bodet scoreboards and LED video solutions for rinks.


plan pool

Pools can be used for several aquatic sports such as swimming or water polo. Scoreboards and LED video solutions must be designed to resit humidity and corrosion. Expert in sport facilities, Bodet Sport offers products specifically designed for pool environments.

Inside a stadium: