LED Rolling floor 3cm thickness resistance

LED Rolling Floor

LED Rolling Floor

  • LED Rolling Display is a new generation of innovative LED Display products, in addition to the traditional display all the features and technical features, its excellent structure design makes it roll up like paper, and it has the appearance of ultra-thin and ultra-light weight, is the ideal alternative to traditional display, suitable for all traditional display applications.
LED Rolling Floor packshot

LED Rolling Floor

Thanks for the patented technology of LED Rolling Display, Rolling Floor Display is designed for replacing the conversional LED Floor Screen, which can be installed as simple as laying a carpet. Without PC mask, LED Rolling Floor Display can get the more excellent appearance and display effect in high contrast, and comparing with the conversional LED Floor screen, it is without the splicing gap problem, better flatness and integrity.
Conversional LED Floor Display LED Rolling Floor

– Mask shading & cross light * Without PC Mask
– Obvious splicing gap & screw points * Without gap, clearly display
– Poor appearance & display effect * Excellent apperance & display effec
– Low contrast * High contrast


  • 1. Fine pixel pitch : P0.9, P1.25, P1.5625, P1.953, P2.604, P3.91 : Small pitch pixel ensures the HD display, higher contrast and more realistic colors
    2. GOB Technology (IK10 & IP65) : Surface safty with IK10 anti-collision grade and IP65 Waterproof grade., also with Non-slip mat and anti-reflection. And high visual performance (with high contrast LED for uniform visual performance in black) are considered.
    3. Built-in Receiving card
    4. Light weight and super thin : 15KGS/sqm weight and 10mm thickness make easy to install and carry, which can simplify the design of supporting structure to design better artistic effect.
    5. 6063 Aluminum module case : Aluminum case adopts stretching process, which makes sure the accurate size and have the best heat dissipation from the LED.
    6. Low voltage input : Low voltage 24V/DC input for every unit screen ensures safer use.
    7. Free installation and easy maintenance : Its simple structure allows for easy installation and quick maintenance.
LED rollling display diagram an size
LED ROLLING FLOOR hanging and left right splicing

Advantages & Features

Fine Pitch P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.9, P2.6, P3.9 all available. No splicing gap & screw points. No need supporting structure, directly lay on the ground. Smaller storage space, 10sqm just need 0.65CBM flight case Ultra light, 15KGS/sqm

Pixel Pitch option : P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.9, P2.6, P3.9
High precision seamless splicing
Top protection GOB HD display
Ultra Wide viewing angle
Low voltage 24V/DC input ensure safer use