High Protection & High ROI

Special module bottom design – high flatness & high precision

Fully front maintenance for all components

± 5° adjustable patented arc locks – strong connection & precise arc

Application scenario
écran LED globe transparent
ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen
Corporate event
Module Upgrade

Special module bottom case design is adopted to reduce the module deformation :

High flatness and high precision;

ULF produit écran led module intelligente
ULF produit écran LED cadre moulé
High Precision

Die-cast frame ensures both high precision and high strength


Magnetic modules

Fully front maintenance of all parts: modules, HUB card, receiving card and power supply

ULF écran LED module magnétiques
composition affichage écran LED ULF praticité


Both module and power supply can be removed as modular components.

Curved Cabinet

The patented arc lock is ±5° adjustable which can easily achieve a concave and convex screen. And it provides a secure and precise connection to ensure a flawless image.

affichage dynamique LED adjustable
composition affichage dynamique LED module intelligent
Smart Module

Optional smart module with calibration storage function.

Quick Installation

Automatic up lock and down lock are adopted to realize quick installation.

Écran led maintien ULF
Écran led composition ULF
LEDs Protection

Extruded step on bottom of the cabinet for a protective and solid ground standing.

Corner Optional

Unique cabinet design to realize 90° seamless corner at low-cost. Two side locks ensure a solid and precise connection, and fast and easy to handle

Écran led seamless ULF
ULS indoor outdoor screen