LED Lighting Floors



If you stood on the moon and gazed down on parts of Europe where the sunlight is obscured, the most captivating element of the scenery would be the billions of lights across the continent. Light is an amazing component within the constructs of the universe that play a huge role towards how everything looks to us. People often say “It’s all about light” which is not entirely too far-fetched. Lighting is an essential element towards aesthetics as it is critical towards establishing the right mood or ambiance. Let’s explore what led design floor have for us.


In general, at the mere mention of lighting or lights, most people tend to look up at the ceilings and some might even go as far as looking around at eye level without paying much attention to the ground or flooring.

This is true unless of course, they were in a club or a discothèque, where floor lighting designs are common and provide the entertainment outlet a distinct “feel”.

The concept of “floor lights or visuals” however has taken a new turn as led floor lighting or led screens for floors is quickly becoming a trendy concept due to the unique illumination that led light on floorings are able to provide.

The “lighting industry” is a niche industry that mainly survives on innovative ideas and off lately the “light wizards” have come up with some tantalizing lighting products that are not just intriguing, but also mind-blowing to say the least.

Among their wide and extensive range of floor lighting products, one lighting product category stands out – Led Floor Lighting.


The fact that these lighting concepts are incredibly flexible as fixtures, they are able to fit into any floor space size, shape or pitch. Coupled with an impressive loading capacity that is able to withstand 2000kgs of weight for every square meter, one would be able to install these fixtures just about anywhere, meaning these led visual light floor products could be fitted on the driveways of people’s homes if they wanted to.

Apart from that, what is more, interesting is that these screens come in two options (both black matte and black), interactive or non-interactive. The black finish has the distinct feature of a ‘space void’ or a ‘black-hole’ which makes it unique, whereas the black matte screens offer a more conventional ‘slash’ contemporary feel that has the same capacity as the black finish to mesmerize the audience. It seems as if the entire lighting industry have gone that ‘extra mile’ to bring back the magic of ‘artificial lights’ which was dead as soon as people got tired of neon lights and disco-balls. Led light visual floors have managed to get the attention of high-end event management companies across the planet who are using these products extravagantly to gain the competitive advantage of presenting their events with a truly indeed dazzling array of lights!


LED floor design is offering a unique illumination that gives costumers this wow effect that we are all looking for.

– Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

The secret to the success of these products are basically due to the high definition screens as the result of a small pitch range fitted into sturdy cabinets that are as studier and robust as much as the screens themselves.

– Exhibition in Moscow, Russia


Professional high-end led lighting systems for floors are also robust and made to withstand a lot of pressure from a ‘wear and tear’ perspective as they are as tough as marble, meaning they do not scratch or break easily despite the technical sophistication that is involved.

There is no denying that the led-light based floor canvas is quickly becoming a trendy lighting option that enhances any given space or venue simply because they are as interesting as watching a good movie at a cinema! Now if we were to translate that perception with regards to drawing attention to a venue, imagine the level of focus that these floors will generate from the audience due to their pleasure derived from the positive aesthetics from only the lights.

In brief, if ever making an event unique has been a challenge or has been an on-going issue due to aesthetics, then a led floor canvas or lighting system may just be the solution. As mentioned earlier, these products have answered the calls by consumers to experience something new as they are not simply futuristic, interactive, hi-definition, tough, and incredibly attractive, they are just a ‘shy away’ from being something that is akin to ‘magical’. It is no wonder that even in the book of Genesis, among the most popular phrases is – …and God said, “Let there be light” and there was light!



The screen was composed by

  • Pixel Pitch (mm): 5.2
  • Module Size (mm) 250×250
  • Module Resolution 48×48
    • Cabinet Size (W x H x T) : 500x500x84
    • Cabinet Resolution (WxH) 96×96
    • Weight (kg/pcs) 13
    • Refresh Rate (Hz) : 960-3840
    • Gray scale (Bit): 14
    • Viewing Angle (H/V) : 140″/140″
    • Led Brand Nationstar
    • High precision
    • Easy maintenance


    • Innovative masl design
    • High realibility
    • Waterproof
      • Interactive effect
      • Outdoor use

      Not expensive

      Making an interactive floor doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

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      They also supply their own hardware, making maintenance more difficult, less flexible, and much less affordable.

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