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New LED floor interactive for Planet 13

New LED floor interactive for Planet 13

led floor screen interactive for planet 13

Client : planet 13 using a led floor screen interactive

Planet 13 Las Vegas is a Medical/Recreational/entertainment Marijuana Dispensary Superstore, it’s located blocks off the Las Vegas Strip and holds the title as the world’s largest cannabis dispensary.

Planet 13 has a variety of high-quality cannabis. Exclusive and rare products with high standards in the Marijuana Dispensary market.

History: Planet 13 welcomed the first marijuana customers on November 1, 2018, and have dedicated themselves to supplying Las Vegas patients with a safe hub for compliant and affordable cannabis service.  



Context / environment

Street Co’, has been contacted by Planet 13 to help develop the interactive and ‘wow’ touch to their new and first flagship in Las Vegas nevada.

After a long brainstorming session Larry Scheffler and his team finally decided how to treat their customers, with this interactive giant LED interactive floor TV.

Planet 13 Superstore + Entertainment Complex for Recreational Marijuana, will open this upcoming 31 October 2018.

They will showcase their brand new giant interactive LED floor for the first time to their lovely customers.

Creating an interactive floor will absolutely help the newly created flagship store to entertain customers. This interactive digital touch is expected to be very popular amongst Planet 13’s customers’.

This floor’s purpose is to help retain customers and bring them a fun and playful environment. Every touch on the floor will create an interactive touch on the application.

It’s much more than just a storefront. There’s a lot to the 115,000-square-foot facility, including entertainment, restaurants and cannabis processing equipment where the company makes edibles and drinks. This is a real Vegas-style destination.

In this video we take a backstage tour into this cannabis superstore

Solution TO INSTALL led floor screen interactive

Street Co’ has provided the full turn key solution by being involved in both

  • Consultation on finding the best suited hardware that fit both budget and end customer requirements
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On Site installation
    • Programming
    • Developing bespoke video content for Planet 13

    This project has a 3 years free warranty under Street Co’s warranty program.

    Interactive floor game power and signal diagram

    Diagram showing the cabling system for powering the circuit and and the signal of the floor interactive screen.

    The screen runs 10 electrical circuits to power 60 LED floor tiles in order to avoid a complete blackout if the power were to be cut. Each line holds 5 LED panels and has a maximum consumption of 16,6KW. This diagram is for reference to know how the power is being connected. All cables are labeled and directly connected to the control room.

qc at factory led floor screen interactive

Materials & laboUr

Specification of the interactive LED floor game for planet 13

  • The panels are recessed into the floor
  • We used 5 conduits to bring power through 10 circuits
  • 2 Signal inputs One working as back up and one as a main signal
  • Size: Length: 19’10″
  • The LED floor display uses a Pitch 5.2 with a resolution of W1152xH480 px
  • The control system uses a NOvastar Mctrl 510p
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • Size: Width 8’4
  • Module Size (mm) 250×250
  • Tile size (mm) 500×500
  • Resolution (WxH) 48×48
  • Driver MBI SMD – 5120
  • Refresh Rate 1940Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 3500
  • LED Brand Nationstar
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

Interactive LED floor games installation steps:

  1. Make sure the substrate is completely free of dust and is clean, neat and leveled
  2. Install the LED floor leg, one on each corner
  3. Prepare the wiring of each section
  4. Lay down the LED panel
  5. Put them together on each quarter of leg
  6. Level the floor making sure each module is flush with each other and with the edge of each floor
  7. Set up the control room
  8. On the software adjust the mapping to display the entire image

It took 5 staff members 6 days to complete this project.


  • Biggest challenges were:

    1. To find the best location within the building to fit this giant LED floor; making sure customers would be able to get the most out of it.
    2. Find the best compromise: Dimensions / resolution / Pitch / budget.
  1. Having a floor completely flush, neat, leveled so we could install the LED digital floor completely leveled with the rest of the floor tiles.
  2. Distances between the LED floor display and the control room and all conduit we had to create on the floor to make sure the maintenance could be done if that would be required at a later stage.
  3. Having enough circuitry to safely run the floor.

Creating content that fit both the customer’s branding and the end customers.

A led floor screen interactive

The LED interactive floor was finally installed right at the main entrance of the building which means every single customer has to step into it.

The feedback so far from the customers has been incredibly positive.

The interactive floor display goes hand to hand with the majijuana industry whilst also boosting the technological digital touch of Planet 13.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grassauper /

    Video/interactif content creation on unity


    Interior Design

    Technology System Design


  • Date: 2018/2019

  • Location: LAS VEGAS, USA

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: Planete 13

  • Team: Street Co’ Boston + shenzhen offices Street Co’

ENGINEERING led floor screen interactive

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