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LED floor interactive for the new ‘Boost experience’ by Adidas

LED floor interactive for the new ‘Boost experience’ by Adidas

Led floor display interactive

Client : adidas using a Led floor display interactive

Adidas France does not require much introduction as the multinational corporation has a brand name that is listed as one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. The company is also the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest on the planet following closely behind Nike.

Bonjour Lab is based in Paris and is an exclusive studio that focuses on creative projects involving artistic implements that are fused with technological, interactive innovations. interactive.

Their forte is their ability to create and conceptualise experiences that involve both visuals & sound projected through interactive platforms or tangible media that enhances cross-domain experiences for individuals like no other.

Bonjour Labs role in the Adidas Boost Experience was undoubtedly a critical success factor simply because the visual aspects of the event played a role in the packaging and were as important in terms of aesthetics as the product itself was.

Context / environment

Jump in front of a camera to capture your frame by frame performance

For the launch of the Ultraboost 2019, Adidas partnered with the Paris marathon to present its running shoe during the inscription event at La Villette.

For this event, the brand conceived a place where the 40 000 expected participants were able to test the performance of the new running shoes. In this context, we presented a custom made video call where the public was given the possibility of trying the new shoe which had the main design focus of energy-return.

This event was focused on Adidas Boost High-performance running shoes that were designed with performance in mind and comfort to boost (literally). Boosting features among which included:

Highest energy return from its midsole

Remaining dry in wet conditions

Sustained performance in any terrain

Unsurpassed cushioning innovation

In essence, it was a product that was deserving of such a high-end event.

Bonjour Lab, contacted Street Co’ to help them design the interactive LED floor display installation for the event.

Solution to Led a floor display interactive

The LED displays that were used and supplied by Street Communication were 8 tiles of 5.2 LED display pixel pitch.

These LED ‘floor screens’ or simply LED floors are equipped with sensors that can detect footsteps and respond in real-time with special effects that trace the trajectory of the traveller.

Bonjour Lab came up with the visual content which was delivered through the interactive LEDfloor display platforms, which were supplied by Street Communication. The event enabled participants to perform actions that were recorded in high resolution and played back to the participants to review their ‘actions’ in high definition ‘slow motion’.

Street Co’ has provided the full turnkey solution by being involved in both

Consultation on finding the best-suited hardware that fit both the budget and client requirements

  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-site installation
  • Programming

This project has a 3 years free warranty under Street Co’s warranty program.

Led floor display interactive VIDEOS

Materials & laboUr

In order to test this quality, we designed a jumping experience on the principle of chronophotography (or decomposed movement).

The user was invited to jump in front of a camera to trigger the photoshoot. The camera captured multiple frozen frames of his jump in order to create a video revealing his performance. At the end of the experience, the user received an email with the video content ready to share.

1 Item Interactive LED floor

2 Pixel Pitch 5.2mm

3 LED Configuration SMD1921(Nationstar,Copper)

4 Pixel Density 36,864/m2

5 Scanning Mode 1/8

6 Unit Pixel 96*96

7 Gray Scale ≥14 bit

8 Refresh Frequency 1,920HZ(MBI5124)

9 Viewing Angle (H)≥140º / (V)≥140º

10 Weight 13Kg/pc

11 Brightness ≥3000cd/m²

12 Optimal View Distance 5m

13 Max Consumption 240W/pcs / Avg Consumption 80W/pcs

15 Frame Frequency 50-85Hz

16 Interaction multi-touch

17 Loading capacity 2000kg//m²

18 Stock Temperature (-40+85)

19 Working Temperature ( -30+60 )

21 Life Span ≥100000 h

25 IP Rating IP65/IP54(Seetronic)

Challenge to set up Led floor display interactive

  • The installation, cabling and wiring were challenging as it was on two slopes.
  • The video script and content was made by Bonjour and was quite challenging too.

Impact of Led floor display interactive

The primary objective of most interactive technology platforms is generally focused on providing end-users with unique, collaborative experiences that differentiate brands from each other.

The interactive LED floor was a key game-changing element for the user’s experience and was a complete success.


  • Installation
  • Video/interactive content creation in unity
  • Prototyping
  • Technology System Design


Install Led floor display interactive Photos

INSTALL Led floor display interactive VIDEOS

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