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Game Night Kerpen – Interactive LED floor

Game Night Kerpen - Interactive LED floor


Interactive LED Floor

Client : Game Night Kerpen

Beginning of 2023 StreetCo’ was contracted by Game Night Kerpen to work on 4 amazing interactive LED floor rooms used for escape games within an exciting arcade center.

Game Night in Kerpen is equipped with hundreds of different arcade materials and game for people to spend an unforgettable moment with family or friends.

Mixing sports and escape games, Game Night is where any person can find an activity to have fun with.

Playing all kinds of game to win tickets and end-up with amazing gifts before you step out of the building!

Context / environment : LED Wall for the Montparnasse tower

The manager of Game Night and his team contacted Street Communication to equip 4 newly built rooms in this arcade center, with in mind to start a new type of activity for their entertainment building mixing lighting and speed!

The team on-site had already prepared some detailed drawings of the expected result for each room, considering the interactive LED floor, LCD Monitors for the report and speakers to immerse the visitors even more.

The considered product is our Interactive LED Floor tiles (color tiles) that light up at the very second you touch it. Recently added to our catalog this product is very affordable in comparison to any other interactive video floors you can find on the market, but like all LED Floors, requires space. And Game Night in Kerpen had that space! 4 available rooms that had to be equipped with the best activity.

Street Co’ started to design the 4 rooms using this product based on the drawings that we had.

Solution to install an Interactive LED Floor

The idea was to have 4 rooms of different sizes entirely covered with interactive LED Floors tiles with custom games adapted to each room.

The final solution and size of each room was a below:

  • 1: 3.86 x 3.86 metres: 3600x3600mm (12×12)
  • 2: 3.26 x 3.86 metres: 3000x3600mm (10×12)
  • 3: 3.86 x 7.13 metres: 3600×6900 (12×23)
  • 4: 7.42 x 7.42 metres: 24×24 (7200×7200)
  • Total 144+120+276+576 = 1116 tiles

Each room is equipped with a computer and software, power supplies, monitors on the walls, speakers on the ceiling.

To start the game you have a button to press on.

Each room has a custom 10 level game with 3 difficulty levels.

Players have to run on the right color tiles at the right moment while avoiding touching any red tile. Combination of precision and speed.

The interactive LED Floors for escape games is a quite new trendy activity for companies that work in the entertainment center. These installations are still very rare in Europe. It’s also a very good product for exhibitions, shows, weddings and other applications.

Affordable, fun, easy to install and very efficient interactivity system, this product is a “must have” for entertainment companies.

Engineering of Interactive LED Floor

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution for these interactive LED Floors

Materials and product specifications for LED screen:

  • 1116 Interactive Color tiles
  • Tile size: 300x300mm
  • 16 main power cable
  • 20 main signal cable
  • 29 power supplies
  • 4 controllers
  • 5 receivers
  • Aluminium cabinet

The whole control system is composed of a software, one set -Intelligent sensing system which can realize human-computer interaction through Unity/DMX.

Challenge to be eye-catching

The first challenge here was for the client to decide what would be the 4 room/game sizes. When you integrate such interactive LED Floors you need to think first of the type of game you will immerse the players in.

We first presented the standard game included in the order that we could reproduce for each room. This complied with what the client was expecting for us to create later so Game Night was able to start using the rooms immediately.

We always stay open to clients asking for custom games since Street Co’ has a few amazing developers indoors and partners.

The second challenge was the electric set-up and integration of all the accessories.

110m2 of Interactive LED Floor requires a big amount of cables, power supplies and video processors that you need to hide from the customers so that the immersion is at it’s best.

Impact : Interactive LED Floor

The impact here was that 4 empty rooms of Game Night arcade center was transformed into colorful and fun interactive spaces. They are now able to present a whole new space to their clients.

This type of LED Floor game is still extremely rare at the moment in Europe.

It will attract new and previous clients to test this new set-up and differentiate themselves from local competition.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2023

  • Location : Kerpener Str. 179, 50170 Kerpen, Germany
    Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Game Night Kerpen

  • Team : Street Co’ FR

Quality Control of Interactive LED Floor

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