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G-Glass LED Display Retail Store Facade Series

G-Glass LED Display Retail Store Facade Series

three unique

  • Durability: architectural grade building material
  • Transparency: 99.7% transparent giving unparalleled clarity for a media facade.
  • Media: beautiful and compelling video display and interactivity.
LED In Glass Three qualities
LED In Glass G-glass media facade

a generation ahead

It is the world’s only 4 th generation media façade product that bestows building scale story telling capability to architecture, without destroying real estate value.

lighting display

G-Glass LED Display retail has architectural standard durability with more than 99% transparency, low cost maintenance and easy content delivery.

LED In Glass G-Glass Media Facade part 2
Conventional Media Facade

conventional media facade

Irritating cage view
Discounted / Reduced Rents

g-glass led display retail

Clear transparent view market potential rents.

LED In Glass G-GLED In Glass G-Glass Facade transparencylass Facade transparency
Conventional media facade Building Design

conventional media facade building design

Building design destroyed

g-glass building design

Building design intact

LED In Glass G-Glass Building Design
LED In Glass G-Glass Storytelling

The innovation of using buildings for story telling

Powerful stories are what makes humanity resilient and preserves our memory of experiences. We believe that buildings using G Glass are monumental to deliver these stories to the community.

If your building investment can now influence people with powerful stories, you have just unlocked a new kind of real estate wealth. Your story can be about anything Start from advertising, branding, information, history, art and people. It’s limitless.

LED In Glass G-Glass Storytelling part 2
LED In Glass G-Glass Storytelling PART 3

We are the medium for you to tell your creative, amazing and inspiring stories.

street communication promise

Investing in a media façade can seem like a daunting challenge. But how much is your building really worth?
Why not use technology to maximize your return?
Why miss out on year over year savings?

LED In Glass G-Glass Promise
LED In Glass G-Glass promise part 2

We are passionate believers in deliver the whole solution from consulting, technical support, installation, maintenance and all the way to content service.

Street Communication is composed a lot consultants, engineers, designers and content creatives around the world fully dedicated to partnering with you every step of the way to create, amaze and inspire with architectural storytelling. Other companies may deliver from start to finish, we deliver from start to lifetime.

LED In Glass G-Glass Media facade Part 3

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