Upad Ⅳ

UpadⅣ Creative Digital Display

Ultra lightweight – die-cast magnesium design, weighs only 6.3kg

Automatic lock design – enables one engineer to finish installation, disassembly and maintenance

Brilliant visual performance – DDC (Dual Drive Configuration) Technology & HDR Technology

Multiple scenario applications – high precision curving & creative display

Mobile control solution, 4K in hand – smart phone could connect the sending card or the video processor directly without a computer

Application scenario
écran globe transparent
live show écran led biggest weekend
Live Show
application scenario broadcast
application scenario conference
One-Person Handling

Automatic lock design enables one engineer to finish installation, disassembly and maintenance

ULS rental LED virtual production Stacking 3
module protection upad4
Die-Cast Magnesium Design

The die-cast magnesium cabinet weights only 6.3kg, 30% lighter than average

Modular Maintenance

UpadⅣ Creative Digital Display:

Faster and easier on-site maintenance

Magnetic tool for module front service; free of tool for module rear service in 15s

Easy modularized maintenance for power box in 10s

modular maintenance upad 4
unano maintenance module central unit
Precise Arc, Fast Lock

9s to replace angle block, arcing faster

From -5 °(convex) to +10°(concave), wide range of curving,

creative screen shapes and sizes

Transportation Protection

UpadⅣ Creative Digital Display:

High strength flight case

12mm thick birch wood layer, high-strength casters

Shockproof, anti-collision, the sturdiest protection

transportation protection_
module protection upad4
Handling Cover

Foam sheath

Protect the corners of the cabinet to avoid damaging

LEDs in collision

Installation Protection

Automatic edge protection & effective corner protection

Protect the LEDs near the edge of the cabinet, effectively reducing damage by 50% caused during installation

Ensure that the LEDs are free from contact with the ground when the cabinet is placed on the ground

upad4 install protection_
Pixel Pitch indoor or outdoor LED
Lower Loss, More Reliable
Module Protection

Moveable safety rope design Increase safety during maintenance Provide better handling experience

module protection upad4
Utile III brightness
DDC Technology (Dual Drive Configuration)

Two modes by one switch One screen for dual uses

HDR Technology

High resolution, 16bit high gray level, Support 10bit video

UPAD 4 technologie HDR
unano automatic calibration function
Automatic Calibration

Calibration data will be updated automatically when the module is replaced

High Precision Curving

5°(convex) 10° (concave)

high precision curving upad 4
UGM product hanging stacking
Mounting Methods
Creative Display
upad4 creative display_
Mobile Control Solution with UpadⅣ Creative Digital Display

For small-sized exhibitions

A smart phone connects the sending card or the video processor directly without needing a computer.

Manage, edit, and send the program through an APP on the smart phone.

Display a picture of any size within the resolution of 3,840*2,160.