Fine Pitch to Move

Crossover Between Rental and NPP Display

PPM (Poping-up Protection Mechanism) – effective collision prevention Concave curve and patented fast locks – creative and fast installation Slim and lightweight cabinet – easy maintenance HDR processing technology – stunning visual experience.

Application scenario
application scenario house of worship
House of Worship
application scenario exhibition
application scenario broadcast
application scenario conference
Smart Edge

The bottom edge protection adopts the automatic telescopic design, which is safe and convenient to disassemble and can effectively prevent impact

Photo 6

unano smart protection
unano maintenance module central unit
Fast Maintenance Module & Central Unit

Fast maintenance, save time and efforts

Calibration Function

The calibration data will be updated automatically when the damaged module is replaced.

unano automatic calibration function
unano maintenance module central unit
Precise, Fast And
Flexible Lock Design
High Gray Scale &
HDR Processing

4K HDR, 24 bits high grayscale

hdr processing technology unano
color gamut unano
Wide Color Gamut

Unano features wider color gamut compared with Rec.709 and NTSC.

No Delay From End-To-End
image diffusion unano rental LED
unano rental led energy saving
Energy Saving

Intelligent and dynamic low power consumption under low brightness and gray level