Create passenger satisfaction with real-time information
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LED digital signage also brings entertainment to passengers. News headlines, sports scores, entertainment news, and more, are displayed in live feeds in certain sections of the screen rather than the whole screen
Airports will function more and more like shopping malls. Using digital displays, airports will be able to raise awareness of shopping and dining—even expanding marketing opportunities to brands.
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LED technology is currently the most energy-efficient way to produce light with the lowest possible power consumption and waste heat output
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Digital displays reduce the stress of passengers by helping them to navigate as efficiently as possible through the airport
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One emerging trend is the use of digital signage as art. It has been made even more attractive with LED video walls that can bend and wrap. Plus, the “art” can change regularly based on season or events.



IT'S MORE IMPORTant than ever to provide real-time information and
personalized contents to passengers in airport

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Outdoor signage and outdoor LED displays provide details like parking lot info, terminal direction and businesses located in the airport worth visiting. Outdoor LEDs present vivid content that allows for advertising for non-aeronautical businesses generating additional revenue
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standalone signage and indoor leds provide promotional content from shops, events or city information. restaurants or pubs incorporate video walls into their stores, utilizing them as digital menu boards
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standalone signage seamlessly delivers flight information and airline messages to its passengers while waiting in an airport lounge. with curved monitors, travelers enjoy immersive entertainment and increase productivity while working while waiting to catch a flight.
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indoor leds and videos walls highlight the culture and heritage of a country/city to passengers and captivate them with attractive advertising or institutional communication.

Street Co’ LED display Signs for Transportation

Today’s technologies are making it easier than ever to reach more travelers on any given day with relevant transportation information and advertising; giving you and your advertisers freedom and flexibility.

Curved and innovative LED display signs, from seamless video walls to double-sided displays lightweight enough to be suspended from the ceiling, our state-of-the art digital display systems can conform to the existing architecture of any airport building.


Advertising & Entertainment

Maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport. Improve travelers’ experiences with eye-catching designs, creating a relaxed environment for them as they wait.


Flight Information & Advertising

Create common use counters and improve traveler check in by showcasing airline logos behind the counter. Maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport.


Provide a Seamless Experience for Travelers

Provide everything from consolidated listings of flights in large public and baggage claim areas, to flight information, destination weather forecasts, advertising and much more. Intuitive control software and crystal clear clarity provided by Daktronics mean its displays easily integrate with existing airport networks to display whatever is required.


Baggage Claims

Update baggage carousel locations for arriving flights and promote local attractions.



Make a first impression by welcoming travelers and reassuring them of airport entrance locations.



Improve travelers’ experiences with eye-catching designs, creating a relaxed environment for them as they wait

LED Screen Featured Case Study

Airports In Motion

Immerse travelers in unforgettable experiences. Daktronics displays engage, entertain and inform passengers as they move through


Technology for Airports

One's Journey Isn't All About The Destination. LED technology can ease travelers’ minds by making their visit seamless. Reliable and rugged digital LED displays guide travelers as they arrive, depart and everything in between. Immerse travelers in an unforgettable experience with eye-catching digital display designs and content, creating a relaxed environment. Entice their interests with third-party advertisements, all while putting more money back into your pockets


What makes an architectural space
memorable? It's the sense of place.

But that sense of place is only achieved when the characteristics that make it special and unique are combined with meaningful human experiences. Daktronics helps to inspire this unforgettable feeling at destinations around the world. Top LED technology creates centerpieces fit to be the beating heart of any airport.

SYSTEM (FID S) needs to be long-lasting,
highly-legible and reliable.

Wide viewing angles and smaller pixel spacing equip displays with pristine legibility for travellers hurrying through
crowded areas. And they last: the lifespan of Daktronics displays for FIDS is three times that of alternative solutions.
Through robust product testing, your display will be ready to serve your airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How can LED Products be used in wayfinding?

From the entrance to the departure gates of any airport, travelers expect to see clear information that is simple to read and understand.

It’s a priority that they must find their way easily around the airport. LED screens by Daktronics, in small or large format, provide modern passenger terminals with an efficient way of managing the movement of people. It’s the technology to make every journey less stressful and enhance the travelling experience.


Minimize the time it takes travelers to circulate roadways and reduce curbside location confusion.


Increase traffic safety and parking revenue by guiding travelers to open parking space.


Reduce traffic and maximize curbside space by changing airline drop-offs based on flight schedules.

Ticketing and Check-In

Create common use counters and improve traveler check in by showcasing airline logos behind the counter.

Make a Bold Impression

New Possibilities with NPP LED Video Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED displays provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD screens. With crisp detail and vibrant colors, these displays can be used as interior design elements to create luxurious space to feature digital art and advertising

Interior Décor

When you are trying to woo tourists and travelers, the ambience of the airport matters a lot. Now, you can wow your audience and give them a matchless experience using our bespoke, ultra-large LED displays and creative digital installations. We recommend: Flexible LED Display, Mesh LED Display

Waiting Areas

Passenger waiting areas are prime spots to keep the audience engaged with context-based advertisements. For example, for a flight departing to Goa, an advertisement about beachwear selling at an airport shop could inspire waiting travelers to grab an apparel.


Large airports can often get difficult to navigate for passengers. By showcasing wayfinding maps on digital signage throughout the network, you can help travelers save a lot of time and hassle. These wayfinding displays can always double up as advertising real estate.

Queue Management

Using digital signage makes managing large queues at departure gates much, much easier. Once boarding starts, switch from showing advertisements to sharing how the passengers are being called out to board.

Flight Information

Flight information or FIDS screens are the first things that come to mind when you talk about digital signage at an airport. But even there, you can do so much more. Like, run a parallel screen with advertisements

Baggage Belts

Passengers spend a significant amount of time waiting for their luggage to arrive. These areas an excellent spot to disperse not only advertisements, but also social or education messages as part of the corporate social responsibility programs.

Airports In Motion

Though there would always be those who like to live life on the edge and arrive at the gates just as they were closing, the majority of flyers habitually reach the airport with lots of time to spare. On an average, a traveler spends 60-120 minutes at the airport before their flight takes off. That’s the amount of time you get to make a big impact on everybody who is passing through your property. So, are you?

Airport Digital Signage Displays / LCD or LED Video Wall / FIDS

Improving Passenger Experience using display technology for Check-In, Way-Finding, Departure/Arrival Boards, Retail Signage

For more than 20 years, NEC has been delivering digital display innovation, quality and reliability to the aviation industry to improve the overall passenger experience. With the widest portfolio of display solutions of any supplier, NEC offers a range of display technology designed to provide long-term, reliable operation in a demanding airport environment.

Our display solutions can be found in nearly 200 international airport installations worldwide.




With over 20 years’ worth of experience in delivering display technology to the world’s leading airports, and tens of thousands of displays already operating 24 hours 7 days a week, NEC has an extensive range of solutions that exceed the demands of today’s airport environment. Temperature sensors and automated thermal management system, are used to monitor and protect your investment. High brightness display ensuring clear passenger communication even in the latest all-glass airport terminals. All our displays, feature exactly the same OPS slot for an industry standard embedded PC. Airports only have to manage one PC and one image for the life of the display. We’ve reduced the weight and depth of our displays by over 50% to ensure easy efficient installation. Installation is made even easier when using our OPS slot PCs, as they don’t require power or video cable connection. All our products can be remotely monitored, controlled and managed, and the displays’ self-diagnosis feature can warn you by email of an impending issue.