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About Us

Street Communication is one of the leading LED companies

  • -Providing innovative and customized designs to satisfy any customers’ needs
  • -Use of creativity to create unique different and interactive LED screens
  • -Founded in 2006 in London now Based in Europe, US and China and soon in the Middle East
  • -Street Communication is composed of manufacturers, designers, and engineers
  • -Specialized in customized LED display unconventional shapes
  • -Usage of lightweight, adhesive transparent, flexible and bendable LED lights to create columns, cylinders and rings
3D mapping conception curved display with flexible module led

Structural engineering

-DWG engineering
-Stability Calculation
-3D model
-Installation and execution list

LED column screen 3d design

shape design

-Proposal of different LED shape
-3D of the final render
-Geometric exercice to map module on shape
-Using Grassauper

360 degree LED ribbon Screen

product design

-Positionning of each modules
-Installation System
-Product DWG
Electric diagram
-Control system diagram
-Maintenance system

production technology


-Daily check on the produdction line -Adjustment if problems
-Testing materials

360 degree LED ribbon Screen

Post production

-Positionning of each modules
-Installation System
-Product DWG
Electric diagram
-Control system diagram
-Maintenance system

The Process

We combine  technical expertise, creativity and a love for display technology, to delver stunning visual solutions…


Our extensive experience amassed over many years and projects enables us to provide expert consultancy. VML have the experience to translate initial project thoughts into firm functional and technical specification


Technologies start with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper when clients introduce and explain their initial ideas. Step-by-step, together with our clients, we start to translate thoughts into an actual product design 


The final mechanical design is carefully discussed and evaluated with architects and structural engineers in order to guarantee a proper fit.


Our designs are manufactured using premium quality components capable of operating in the harshest outdoor environmental conditions. VML products are engineered to bring out the best in state of the art LED technology and all of our products are designed for a very long working lifetime, with minimal cost of ownership.


All local on-site installation activities are executed and coordinated by a local, authorized, Street Communication integration and installation partner. A designated Street Co project engineer will provide support and guidance to the local partners and will be present at critical times such as during final system commission.


Street Communications work closely with a network of qualified local partners for installation, service and maintenance. Our well trained and experienced service partners provide 1st and 2nd line service support and provide annual preventive maintenance services.

desk led flexible screen installations


Of the LED product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED architects, designers, and engineers will come up with stability calculations, 3D models, and execution drawings. They will provide you with several different safe and convenient LED screen options based on the details you share with us.

which will take into account the weight of the LED and the capability of each beam structure of the ceiling.

The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for your project.

-For the LED in the warehouse

-Production and adjustement of the LED if needed

– On-site installation.

– Video signal tests.

– Content management and broadcasting test on-site.

– Training for LED display usage.

-Training for LED maintenance.

Technical Configuration

Street Co’ will design a complete bespoke solution to integrate the glass LED panel into yourexisting windows. Screens will be placed behind the glass windows. We will design a bespoke fixation system to the ground and / or ceiling to support the weight of the LED.
For health and safety, screen components (Power supplier, cables, receiving cards etc..) and the LED itself will be designed to be supported by the main structure of the building in order to preserve the integrity of the windows and LED frame. Our designer team will create a complete solution, which will be completely integrated in theexisting design.
1. LED product / solution design
2. Installation system
3. Electricity requirements + schema
4. Control system
5. Maintenance / Logistic
After commissioning, the team will focus on risk assessment, technical feasibility, and the health and safety of the building in order to come up with few viable design solutions for the complete project. We will also address a viable solution for the current challenges we might face during this installation. E.g.
– Design requirement, accessibility, different window sizes etc…
– Suggestion on the part/section of the building to equip with LED
– Technical report on the feasibility
– 3D Mock-up & video which illustrates the building with the final result of the chosen section
of the building
– 3D Mock-up of the transparency rendering from inside building viewing
– Technical solution / feedback on the potential challenges for the global solution
– Design of the LED structure & product

– On-site installation.

– Video signal tests.

– Content management and broadcasting test on-site.

– Training for LED display usage.

-Training for LED maintenance.

LED installation design flexible bendable bespoke

Our story

Founded in London, United Kingdom in 2006, We are a multinational company composed of manufacturers, designers, and engineers with more than ten years experience working with LED. We specialize in customized, made to order LED lights in unconventional shapes with an emphasis on designs that are new and innovative as well as elegant and sophisticated.

Our past projects have drawn on technology enabling the usage of lightweight, flexible and bendable LED lights to create columns, cylinders, and rings. We excel at combining innovative designs with the necessary structural engineering.

Our young and dynamic team is available to walk customers through every step of the process from initial brainstorming to the installation of their tailored, finished product. Through the collaboration of our architectural designers, LED engineers, and structural engineers, we make visions a reality.

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