Yoga series flexible led

Yoga Series

Yoga Series

  • Fine Pixel Pitch Flexible Module
Yoga series flexible led

Flexible LED Screen

flexible module, customized shape

Soft and front services modules, cabinet can be customized according to specific project. Both concave and convex available. Minimum diameter can be onl 763.9mm.

flexible module yoga series led
Yoga Series Top-cob supported

top-cop supported

Yoga series can be TOP-COB supported, which can achieve high level of anti-collision, anti-water, anti-dust, protecting screen effectively, work properly in corrosive, damp and mist environments.

Seamless assembly

Yoga series allows for seamless convex or concave LED designs where traditional flat / hard panels will not work.

seamless assembly yoga series led
High resolution modules Yoga series LED

High resolution modules

Available for pixel pitch P1.25/ P1.667/ P1.875/ P2.5/ P3/ P4. A wide range of pixel pitch options allow for high resolution video playback as well as creative architectural displays. P1.25 is the smallest pixel pitch in the flexible display industry.

Fast installation, easy maintenance