LED intelligent interactive floor screen

XS Series

XS Series

  • Creative Flexible Rental products
XS series display led rental screen

XS Series

The XS Series display is a series specially designed for creative stage display. Its flexible and soft body is designed for customers’ imaginative creative display. It can be perfectly realized whether it is “C” shape or “S” shape display splicing. The cabinet of the XS series is made of ultra-high-strenght aluminum alloy, which ensures lightness and flexibilty while maintaining high strenght.

Compatible splicing design

  • Compatible splicing design
  • Creative Structural Design
  • Theater Viewing Experience
  • Easy installation & maintenance
XS Series packshot
XS Series convenient cabinet curve range adjustement

Convenient cabinet

New Breakthrough : 9 angle adjustement gears for a single cabinet with +-40° curve range.

  • Unlock the curve lock knob counter clockwise
  • Press the handle according to the position shown in the figure continuously
  • Pull the cabinet horinzontally to adjust to asuitable angle
  • Tighten the curve range adjustement lock knob clockwise

Creative Shapes

  • Cylinder : Minimum diameter of 1.4 meters (only 9 cabinets needed)
  • Concave & Convex : Perfect “S” shape of signel cabinet
  • Round-corner Square Cylinder : more scene application options
Creative shapes xs series
comprehensive corner protection xs series

Comprehensive corner Protection

Effectively avoid accidental impact from the lamp face

Super Strong Stability

  • The top of the cabinet is equipped with 3 locks which is more stable and safer. (10 times the safety factor for hoisting under 10 meters)
Super Strong stability xs series
Xs series effective maintenance design
XS Series rear maintenance for module

Effective Maintenance design

Snap lock Design : easy to remove power back cover
Rear Maintenance for module

ABS Technology (Advanced Backup Sharing)

  • Quickly solve the power failure of the power box without disassembly
ABS Technology XS Series
Ultra high definition display xs series

Ultra-High Definition Display

7680Hz ultra-high refresh rate and real 16bit VP-level product display effect

Installation Method

  • Stacking Installation : – Ground Beam
  • – Ground Beam Support
  • – Back Frame
  • – Back Frame Connecctor

    Hanging Installation :
  • – Hanging beam
  • – Mounting Plate
XS Series installation method stacking and hanging