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xR solution for LED display

xR solution for LED display

xR SYSTEM solution

xR has revolutionized the audiovisual industry, this technology is present in the creation of all types of content creation. It has become ubiquitous in film creation and is changing the process forever. xR is meaning: AR+VR+MR = virtual implantation + virtual scene + real subject +real scene.

xR is based on MR green screen shooting, which realizes real-time rendering of large-screen content and real-time shooting of biological subjects. It is widely used in many fields such as film and television production, radio and television program production, product launch, advertising shooting, cultural tourism promotion, MV production and so on. The actual system includes camera, lens tracking system, simulation scene rendering system, LED screen, screen management system, centralized control system, synchronous clock system, and synthesis system. 

discover all infinite possibility SCENARIO with xr solution

xr system

System with

xR application

systèm xr novastar

typical problem

with XR solution


Xr solution novastar

Problem with

display performance

Differents colors from different angles

image quality

on led display

Image quality système novastar

image quality chien - sytem novastar

cost & reliability

for led display

On site problem for xR

Requirements of xR solution for LED Display and its control system

Adequate visual refresh rate on display --no shooting lines on camera

display design led screen

  • Low scan, best display effect
  • Less than 8 scans recommended

control system

  • Adequate refresh rate in low grayscale ensured in collaboration with ic
  • Genlock available to keep video source, display, cameras

shooting lines

Improve the refresh of each gray scale can effectively solve the shooting lines issue.

Reduce the number of scans while designing the display. It is recommended that the number of scans not exceed 16 scans for shooting applications.

Prioritize the reduction of current to reduce brightness, and preset multiple brightness adjustment modes that prioritize the use of current.

Driver IC mode adjustment.

Random scanning.

Rolling black lines


Frame tracking technology to reduce black field waiting time.

Genlock function of the controller to synchronize the LED display with the camera, and fine-tune the phase of Genlock​

From the relationship between camera exposure time and LED display frame rate, we can determine the proper combination of shutter angle and frame rate for the most optimal shooting result.

We can support frame multiplication, allowing for expansion of frame rate.

frame before after xr solution

The LED Image Booster,

developed by NovaStar

Technology, works to solve the

display’s grayscale and color


Novastar xr système image booster
image quality chien - sytem novastar
Image quality système novastar

No bangding,

precise color

Adequate grayscale on display — colors more precisely controlled

Display design

  1. Customized color gamut covered by the RGB lamp beads
  2. Displays uncoupled designed(screen design and IC selection)
  • White to black coupling
  • Black to white coupling
  • Cross-board coupling

Control system:

Increase in display grayscale ensured in collaboration with IC

Capability of calibrating the screen

2.1 The brightness calibration of the screen from 0 to 255 conforms to the EOTF curve;

2.2 Calibrate the color accuracy of the screen to ensure δe<4

1. Accurately capture the original color gamut of

the display.

2. Automatic adjustment according to the color

gamut requirements of the input source.

color management systèm xr
color management systèm xr delta E
système novastar color management
système novastar less grayscarle
led image booster novastar systèm

1. 22bit+ achieves the highest 6bit grayscale

promotion and the smallest 0.002nits precise

control and compensation.

2.Precise Grayscale, use a colormeter to collect

the original grayscale performance of each

color, and make corrections and


effet comparison novastar systèm

Effet comparaison (before left) and after (right)

requirement for led display systèm xr novastar

Same effect from

different angles

Requirements of xR for LED Display

Small enough RGB chip spacing required

Display design

1.Choose smaller size LED chips

2.The mesh cover of LED is specially

Control system:

Quick adjustment of RGB ratio in case of a

problem to ensure normal color display of some cameras

REAL CASE for xr

Cases system XR

the solution for xR

NovaStar xR display system

Suitable for shooting and application

of small scenes

NovaStar xR display system receving card

1G bandwidth solution at 8K resolution

Suitable for shooting and applications in
large-scale scenes such as studios

système novastar xr Single port 8K, joint control solution:

Higher requirements of xR for LED screens


  • HFR 120Hz/144Hz/240Hz
  • 10bit/12bit
  • Precise Color
  • Ultra low latency
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