Why chose a LED screen display over a projector?

    The assets of LED screen walls over Video Projectors

    Projectors are often used as first display option, especially in our homes, they are easy to use and attractive solution. LED displays are more common in the urban environment, we use them for billboards, destination signs, showcases, buildings, events and venues, for indoor and outdoor displays. LED walls’ costs continue to decline since they’re becoming more and more world wide and affordable. LED display has a huge progression marge in terms of resolution and flexibility – Hence we can see year on year huge improvement on R&D investment dedicated to improve resolution and LED applications. Specially referring to the OLED and transparent OLED technology the R&D improvement is very important as opposed to the projection technology.


    Projection is reflected light on a screen or a wall, while LED screens are the direct source of light. Projectors lose their final quality because of the travel that the image does before arriving to the viewer’s eyes. The image is generated by the projector, goes through the screen wall and is then reflected to the audience’s eyes, which wastes a lot of light, brightness and visibility.

    Whereas with a LED display, the image is directly generated by the screen, and the light rays go straight from the transmitter to the receiver, making it more vivid.

    Projectors tend to lose brightness over time, with an important decrease of light projection, even in the first year of use, while LED displays keep a good quality image through the years.

    Even with the advanced technologies, projectors still have troubles broadcasting highly saturated images, containing deep blacks for example, or very contrasted images.

    Another factor that alternates the projector display quality is the external lights that decrease the contrast of the image it is broadcasting; imagine how different would a candle shine in a lighted room versus in a dark one.

    LED panels are not affected by ambient light since their brightness is direct and strong.


    High quality images are becoming the new rule everywhere, in movies, on television, on internet, and even on our phones. LED screen displays can support high quality videos meanwhile most of the video projectors are still using SD, and can only play HQ videos in a damaged resolution.

    Projectors do have an advantage though; they are able to display images as large as needed with only one single display, whereas LED screens are limited, or can fit this expectation by being assembled with other LED cabinets.

    But LED displays have a big advantage on projectors; you can fit them anywhere. There are tons of various types on LED screens, flexible, angled, transparent… that allow you to build any shape you want and to fit your screens on columns, ceilings, floors, and, of course LED walls. They are only a few inches thin, and easy to instal and to maintain. Whereas video projectors have many factors that make you adapt to the display, and not the opposite.

    Milano Mango flexible led custom bespoke wave 1Milano Mango flexible led custom bespoke wave 2


    2mm pitch LED


    Fixing a LED screen wall is easy. You usually only need to update the software, or just replace the broken module with a new one. Projectors displays are often repairable only by professionals; you have to send the item, wait and pay for the changed piece and the repair. Most of the video projectors bulbs cost around 4,500 $.

    We, at Street Co’, propose a two year guarantee with free maintenance if anything happens to your screen.

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    COST :

    LED maintenance replacement

    LED walls are slightly more expensive than projectors displays, but their maintaining system is faster, more efficient and they last way longer with a high quality image.

    LED walls don’t have the same amount of upkeep, just have to replace a module every once in a while. LED walls also require less power than projectors, about half as much, saving you energy costs. As they become more common world wide, LED walls costs will continue to decrease.

    Given the continual upkeep required by projector systems and the increased power they consume, even though LED walls cost more money up front, the break-even point between the two systems is about 2 years, meaning you will ultimately save money in the long term with LED walls.

    So, projectors do have a number of upsides that make them an attractive option for some. They have a low initial cost. They’re easy to find, and many people are familiar with their functionality. Their downsides make them an unrealistic option for many, especially when it comes to outdoor displays.

    ALL IN ALL :

    They have a low contrast ratio and a low brightness which make them archaic to today used to high quality audiences. They’re adapted to a personal use but when it comes to events and venues, especially outdoor, they become obsolete, inefficient and expensive.

    Remember the LED walls are thin, easy install, remove and maintain, and their variety allows you to display your image in any way you want; squares, pyramids, strips, stairs, globes..

    The choice is yours !

    Here at Street Co’, our team of architects, designers and LED engineers, with more than ten years experience in this domain, is ready to propose the best suited solutions for your project and to make your dreams come true !