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Washing Potato – Transparent LED Adhesive

Washing Potato - Transparent LED Adhesive


Transparent LED Adhesive

Client : Washing Potato

Our client for this project is a very profound restaurant that is setting the bar high in the hospitality industry. Located in the new Fountainbleau hotel in Las Vegas, Washing Potato bring a great high-end twist to dim sum cuisines.

Context / environment : Transparent Adhesive LED Wall for the Fontainebleau Hotel

Street Co LLC was contacted by Technology West Group to create something for the grand opening of the very long awaited Fontainebleau Hotel. FontaineBleu has a long history for its long building time in the heart of Las Vegas, but with time and persistence came a true beauty for the state of Nevada. Sitting as the tallest tower in the state, Fontainebleau’s goal was to provide the city of Las Vegas with the prestigious hospitality they’ve always delivered since their opening in Miami circa 1954.

Brainstorming ideas with Technology West Group brought us to a unique Transparent LED adhesive product that we carry as the very forefront of the Washing Potato store. This LED display is installed in the front windows of the establishment. And as you walk by, you can see high resolution content being displayed, while being able to view inside the restaurant.

Client Objective;

  • – Unique, and inviting technology that provides a WOW factor;
  • – Create something that fits well with their technological driven atmosphere;
  • – Create a great experience for everyone visiting the building.

Solution to install a Transparent LED Adhesive

  • Transparent LED Adhesive:
  • Objective – Was to provide a transparent LED adhesive that would catch people’s attention walking past the restaurant. They wanted visitors and employees to view their content as they walk by, and make it known that Washing Potato is here to stay at the very world renown Fountainebleau Hotel.

Challenge: Because it was located next to the gambling floor, there was a challenge to have a product that emits enough brightness and transparency so that the machines and lighting on the gambling floor isn’t overpowering.

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution for these Transparent LED Adhesive.

Materials Used

Skyline Series Transparent Adhesive P4

  • 25.8 sqm of aluminum structure
  • VX400
  • 1 Street Co Team

Challenge to be eye-catching

We had teamed up with TechWG who were the AV team for Washing Potato, to design a concept for the Transparent Adhesive LED Storefront.

We started with:

  • Consultation; Coordinating with several Architects, Electrical engineers, Building Managers, Construction team, and the CEO’s of Walnut to make sure we suggest the best pricing and LED products that fit their concepts for the space.
  • Price Matrix: We provided them with a very easy, insightful, informative, and broad array of pricing and products to fit their budget.
  • Proposed 3D visuals of how the space would look
  • Engineered CAD files for their Structural Engineers and Electrical engineers
  • Detailed execution plan for all three displays
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Project Management
  • On-site Install team
  • Programming

The project has a full 2-year warranty

Impact : Transparent LED Adhesive

The 25 sqm Transparent LED Adhesive LED Wall sits in front of the newly opened Washing Potato restaurant located in the newest hotel in Sin City. The transparency and high resolution of the LED storefront wall provides a fun and inviting experience for hotel guests as they pass the restaurant. We appreciate Washing Potato and all teams involved for allowing us to help make this location special.


    • 3D CAD Drawings
    • Installation
    • Unity interactive Games + Content
    • Technology system design
    • AV integration
    • Structural Design
    • Signal Connection Designs
    • Power connection Designs
    • Interior design


  • Date : 2024

  • Location : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Washing Potato

  • Team : Street Co’ US + Shenzhen Offices

Quality Control of Transparent LED Adhesive

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