Walls mounted & Why We Put Things on bare walls!

    Although most people would immediately relate wall-mounted displays to huge digital screens or even posters, the truth is that displays on walls were invented by Palaeolithic humans who lived more than 3 million years ago. The drew images of what they saw and experienced on the walls of their caves that were intended to create awareness among others within their group who were not there. It was from that tradition that humans have always felt the urge to put things on bare walls for a variety of different reasons as millennia after millennia passed. Cave art became paintings and sculptures before becoming digital pictures and display screens that play video. Wall-mounted displays, especially LED displays are now found not just in homes, but anywhere and everywhere ranging from the façade of a busy shopping mall in Paris right up to a convenience store in Ulan Bator, Tibet because of one reason and one reason only – They are great for business!

    Wall Mounted LED Displays

    Companies such as Street Communication have always been proponents of LED technology not just because they are cost-effective, flexible beyond expectations, profitable or easy to install, it is because they see LED displays and assorted LED products as a key solution or the most effective means of achieving their client’s business objectives. It is also due to this reason that the company even went as far as improving their Front Service line products by creating new and innovative models that allow greater flexibility of LED products in the company’s arsenal especially Ultra high definition- fine pitch LED displays that are mountable on walls.

    They save space, installations are as easy as easy can be, the can be placed at strategic locations without causing ‘space disruption, provide greater viewing options for audiences and much more. What’s more, is the fact that new technologies have revolutionised these LED wall displays to an extent that they can be placed on windows because there are options for transparent display screens as well. This means that your window will still look as it always was until the screen is brought to life. These futuristic options, coupled with the fact that they come in high resolutions, are flexible, versatile, and durable not to mention that from a larger perspective cost-effective. All these factors make these screens the perfect vector for relaying specific messages about a company, product or service to targeted audiences

    Technical Sweep for LED Wall Displays

    LED displays/ screens for wall mounting have come a long way since their debut almost a decade ago and these days LED screens are well adapted for a plethora of applications for both indoor and outdoor environments. Factors such as the high-resolution (4K LED), curved screens which create an immersive condition for viewers and transparency are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to their characteristics. The best part or aspect of these screens is the fact that they could be literally customized to just about any size and are able to easily cover large areas which are why they are preferred for most event advertising solutions. Apart from that these wall mount LED displays are also configurable to function as video panels or used as video brochure allowing businesses to present content in just about any manner to customers. It is due to these very reasons that this particular product has quickly risen in demand over the last few years. Most of the screens under this category utilise small pixel pitch sizes in order to deliver crisp images which are critical success factors towards making a strong impact or impression on consumers via visual experience. Below is the summary of the benefits of using wall-mounted LED displays

    1. Flexible/ scalable screen sizes and configurable to different resolutions
    2. Transparent options available for window mounting or transparent surfaces such as glass panels
    3. Pixel pitch sizes range from 1.8 mm upwards
    4. Long-lasting and durable
    5. Lower consumption of energy & energy efficient
    6. High refresh rate levels
    7. Weatherproof options
    8. Waterproof for both outdoor and indoor environments
    9. Shape and size of wall area is immaterial as screens are versatile and fit into spaces of any shape
    or size
    10. Various display/ graphic controller option
    11. Easy to transport, install and relocate (ultra-light units)
    12. UV resistant
    13. Easy maintenance
    14. Ultra-fine HD projections
    15. Low flicker – high brightness
    16. Available in both non-interactive and interactive options

    The above factors are just some of the reasons as to why LED wall displays are as popular as they are. Industry leader’s such as Street Communication present clients with all of the options above and more allowing customers to choose configurations that work best for them within their given budget.

    The Logic Behind Wall Mounted LED Displays

    Imagine walking into a store and staring at a blank wall, a lifeless picture or portrait and now imagine walking into a store where the entire wall is a big cinematic screen that is spitting out videos and images in the ultra-high-definition about the products and services in that store! Which store do you think will command the attention of the customer instantly? This is what competitive advantage is all about and LED wall displays with small pitch pixel sizes or fine pitch (1.8 mm to 2.5 mm) that project images and videos at incredibly high resolution give businesses exactly that.

    Small pitch/ fine pitch pixel LED displaysseem to have the ability to serve the marketing objectives of just about any given business with class and confidence which rubs off on potential clients who gain the confidence to actually commit to transactions. Humans are visual creatures that are drawn towards aesthetics visually, what appeals to our minds appeals to our brain which triggers a ‘buying response’ – This is Pure Marketing 101! LED displays are rapidly replacing most forms of media advertising simply because they are more effective in delivering messages to audiences without compromising the aesthetics of the environment.

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