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Walker Consultants – Outdoor LED Display

Walker Consultants - Outdoor LED Display

outdoor led display

Client: Walker Consultants USING OUTDOOR LED

Our Customer for this project was Walker Consultants who specialize in parking consultancy. They take pride in establishing their mark in the industry by providing consultancy that ecompasses operations, technology, and mobility solutions.

As well as providing sustainability options for their client, Walker Consultants has reached far beyond consultancy with the help of their team that consists of engineers and architects who work hand in hand with their clients to provide exceptional work in all projects taken on.

Context / environment : sublimate their parking

Street Co LLC was contacted by Walker Consultants to create a LED Outdoor display to WOW the city of Lansing, Michigans citizens.

They wanted their parking garage in the heart of Lansing to have a more technological feel to it.

With Walker Consultants efficient consultancy , they sought out us for our Outdoor LED display products.

Create a unique Outdoor LED display on the wall of the S Capitol parking garage that display high resolution content.

Solution to install a outdoor LEd display

Constructions to coordinate a smooth and efficient install in Lansing.

We started with:

  • Consultation; Coordinating with several Architects, Electrical engineers, Building Managers, Construction team, and the CEO’s of Walnut to make sure we suggest the best pricing and LED products that fit their concepts for the space.
  • Price Matrix: We provided them with a very easy, insightful, informative, and broad array of pricing and products to fit their budget.Proposed 3D visuals of how the space would look
  • Engineered CAD files for their Structural Engineers and Electrical engineers
  • Detailed execution plan for all three displays
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Project Management
  • On-site Install team
  • Programming

The project has a full 3-year warranty

Materials & laboUr

Outdoor LED P4.8:

  • 51.75 sqm of Outdoor LED P4.8
  • 51.75 sqm of galvanized steel for the structure
  • VX6S
  • Novastar TB8
  • LED Cabinet and Modules P4.8
  • Receiving Cards
  • Power Supplies
  • Signal Connection Cables

1 Street Co Team

Challenge to install a outdoor led display

We had to battle the harsh weather at the heart of Michigan between the months of March and April.

A Few days were either too hazardous to the materials, or too hazardous for the install team to be outside during the conditions.

Impact : to set up a outdoor led screen

The Outdoor LED Screen resides on the 320 S Capitol parking structure in the middle of Lansing, Michigan’s urban area.

Soon, the one way street that overlooks the screen will be two-way, where the city of Lansing’s IT team hopes to create unique and meaningful content for all to see.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Solid works
  • Installation
  • Prototyping
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Revenue & Sales Strategy
  • User Experience


  • Date: 2022

  • Location: Lansing, Michigan, USA

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: Walker Consultants

  • Team: Street Co US + Shenzhen Offices


timelapse installation led outdoor

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