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Walk it Back – Outdoor P3.9

Walk it Back - Outdoor P3.9


Outdoor LED Screen

Client : LabArchitect and walk it back

Early 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by LabArchitect and Walk It Back to work on a very special project.

LabArchitect’s projects over time have been varied in nature and scale, from undertaking design consultancy for the Organizing Committee of the London Olympic Games, to schemes for restaurants, art studios, boats, offices and photographer’s studios.

Walk It Back, created by Craig Cohon, is concentrating its activities around carbon removal, mainly through Craig’s physical actions and speeches. Walk It Back is trying to wake people’s mind on the importance of having carbon free activities and shows us why we need to fight and how to keep our world in the best possible shape.

Context / environment : wake people’s mind

Craig Cohon is a businessman, From Canada currently based in London. He is involved in a movement that tries to convince companies and people in general to decrease their carbon emission, for example in production and transportation.

Craig is in the center of a small but growing collective of individuals and organizations united by the urgency of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. They are dedicated to building the evidence and catalyzing leadership and action in the field of carbon removal.
How does he plan to achieve this? Well, he decided to start an amazing trip, walking from London to Istanbul (4000 kms) in 150 days in 2023.

Craig has organized hundreds of meetings with company owners, groups, associations while walking and he wanted to be able to display these meetings on big screen to attract people’s attention even more.

Solution to install a outdoor led screen

The screen needed to be as resistant as possible since Craig is traveling a lot so we went for the outdoor P3.9 MG7S which is waterproof and has protective anti-crash layers to avoid any damage on the screen or vandalism.

The video processor we are using is the TB50 from Novastar that enables Walk-it-back to display video content on both the LED screen simultaneously.

They can control the screen remotely with their phone or computer via Wifi/4G and they can display live content.

Project Lead Time : 2,5 month
2 month for production and 2 weeks for transportation.

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of 2 units 3x2m of outdoor LED panels P3.9.

The resolution of the screen is 769×512, which is enough to broadcast what is intended by the marketing team collision resistance improved 30%-50% !

A ceiling support structure is also studied at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Components of the project:

    • Outdoor P3.9 LED Screen – MG7S
    • 2 main power cables
    • 24 power supplies
    • 24 receiving cards
    • Brightness: 4200nits
    • Steel frame
    • Screen size: 2 units 3x2m (12m2 total)
    • Screen resolution: 769×512
    • Refresh rate 3840hz

Challenge to install a outdoor LED screen

For this project, the biggest challenge was to integrate the 2 outdoor screens on the 2 containers and make sure that they respect the maximum truck thickness limitations for european roads since Craig is crossing more than 10 countries with his team during his trip.

We spent a few months studying the best option for the design of the screen’s support structure/frame. A structure that would also enable easy maintenance on the screen.

Impact : to set up a Outdoor led screen

These 2 screens displaying live content from Craig’s journey will definitely help sharing their message. Parked in the biggest cities of the world while craig is walking, these 2 screens can be seen from a distance of 20 meters and will help people to understand what Walk It Back is currently achieving.

Craig Cohon is wiping clean his entire lifetime carbon emissions. He has committed over $1M to remove all 8,147 tonnes of carbon he has emitted since his birth in 1963. Through walk it back he plans to set in motion spin-off campaigns to remove no less than 100,000 tonnes.

Feel free to follow his journey around Europe.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2022

  • Location : England, London

  • Status : COMPLETED

  • Client : LabArchitect & Walk it Back

  • Team : Street Co’

Engineering of Outdoor led screen

Quality control of Outdoor LED screen

Final result of outdoor P3.9 led screen

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