Unano Premium Series Virtual Production curved wall LED

UNANO : Virtual Production Premium Series for curved LED main wall

Unano is our top premium series of LED wall for virtual production, it has the latests features specially customized for XR and virtual production.

Pitch 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm,

Virtual production is the future of film-making so Street Co’ has reengineered products from various factory leaders of LED industry with this deep Black LED panel exclusively for virtual production.

Exceptional LED diodes, upgraded scan-rate, and five integrated degree curve selections, creating the ultimate on-camera LED display.

Some of our upgraded features

  • HDR-Optimized : Reaching 16-bit grayscale performance at 4K Hz refresh rate at 32-scan design or above.
  • LED protection resin or epoxy can be optional: GOB, LTP, COB, AOB
  • Scan number for screen design : Under 32s, 64 scans only for High end drivers IC : Pursuing higher scans for more flexibility on module design and production.
  • Low Power consumption :Reducing surface temperature and power consumption at all times.
  • Black encapsulation for more contrasted LED screen
  • Cabling: Neutrik or Seetronic
  • Receiving cards to be chosen from eco, standard or premium range
  • Genlock: Perfect frame and PWM synchronisation with advanced options for phase offset adjustment
  • Great at any frame rate: PWM settings are automatically adjusted to be optimal for the frame rate actually being used, not just for 60Hz
  • Highly-Integrated: Embedding driver IC and MOS in “one chip” for finer pitch LED displays.
  • Wider color gamut minimum DCI-P3
  • LED lamp brands and drivers IC to be chosen from our eco, standard or premium range
  • Refresh Rate minimum guaranty 3840Hz
  • Increased brightness to 1200 nits
  • Grayscale : 16-bit with Minimum Gray :
  • Enabling accurate gradient of the lowest brightness level.
  • Frame rate @ 60 FPS or 120FPS
VP (Virtual Production) Series allows you to film from all the major camera angles and shutter speeds without any image tearing or artifacts appearing in post production. The unique custom technology ensures there is no color-shift. Using The highly upgraded panel features the latest either:
  • Brompton HDR Technology (calibrated by Hydra) featuring: R2 cards and SX40 processors
  • NOVASTAR HDR and image booster featuring: A10S cards and H9 or Nova UHD JR series processors
We’ve created a ground-breaking solution for green screen replacement. This panel has been designed from the ground-up by Street Co (With our in-house LED development team) and our factories partners specifically for Motion Picture, Film & TV, and Broadcast Applications. As LED video wall technology is replacing green screens in studios around the world, we wanted to ensure an LED display product was designed specifically for this application, with no compromise at the cost of on-camera image quality. To increase studio flexibility, additional built-in curvature has been integrated into the panel. This allows users to select from 5 concave degree options: 0, -1, -1.5, -2.5, -5 degrees. The panel can also be suspended using integrated components to allow for the creation of an LED ceiling in-studio. The VP (Virtual Production) LED panel series from Street solves all the common problems traditional LED videowalls produce in virtual production, which saves considerable post-production clean-up costs, and increases speed to market with a real-time solution. This panel has been tested on all the major cameras throughout our R&D, and the resulting on-camera image quality is truly stunning
  • Magnetic modules for full front and back maintenance: Maintenance speed is 5 times higher than traditional products.
  • Rotation curved lock with different curved angles: -10°, -5°, 0, +5°, +10° Convex, flat or concave
  • Modular design: Module, Power supply and cabinet frame are three independent seperate parts, enabling a fast installation and maintenance
  • Meet the requirements of floor tile strength: Perfectly leveled on each corners
  • Grip angle to ensure stability when carrying and moving the panels
  • For curved wall:Inner and outer Arc lock
  • Mixed splicing: Cabinet can mixed splicing and form a variety of patterns, meeting designs requirements for stage and effects
  • One cabinet can be used for several pitches and modules can be interchanged
  • Accurate alignment and splicing to ensure a seamless screen at panel junction
  • Protection anti-collision at each corner especially to screen splicing and alignment
  • Waterproof with IP 65 rating: Front and back specially for floor use
  • Hanging and Stacking installation
PPM (Poping-up Protection Mechanism) – effective collision prevention

Concave curve and patented fast locks – creative and fast installation

Slim and lightweight cabinet – easy maintenance

HDR processing technology – stunning visual experienc

Smart Edge Protection

The bottom edge protection adopts the automatic telescopic design, which is safe and convenient to disassemble and can effectively prevent impact.

Fast Maintenance Module & Central Unit

Fast maintenance to save your time and efforts

Automatic Calibration Function

The calibration data will be updated automatically when the damaged module is replaced.

Precise, Fast And Flexible Lock Design.

High Gray Scale & HDR Processing Technology

4K HDR, 24 bits high grayscale

Concave curve up to 6°

Unano Virtual production series has a patent* which increase the complete experience of locking the panel between them, it also allows precise splicing to make curves with 0.1mm precision.

*:Patent No. CN102168702B

Wide Color Gamut

Unano features wider color gamut compared with Rec.709 and NTSC.

No Delay From End-To-End

Energy Saving

Intelligent and dynamic low power consumption under low brightness and gray level

Hanging installation

Stacking installation