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Successful Virtual Production requires an ecosystem of like-minded experts from a variety of specialist fields. Street Co has developed relationships with major players to make your Virtual Production project successful.
Unreal Engine is changing the way films are made with virtual production. Street Co has systems setup in our Experience Centers & can help you get started with their technology. Testing our LED displays' performance with either our standard content or you can bring your own for review.
Brompton Technology is dedicated to the specialist design and manufacture of cutting-edge, rugged, and tour-ready LED video processing products for the live events, film and broadcast industries.
Global leader in LED display solution provider, Novastar design and develop LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including Virtual Production.
Neoset does content creation and uses digital sets generated in real time that are projected in trompe l'oeil onto giant LED screens.
Virtual Production House (VPH) is a virtual production studio with a real-time camera tracking system on an LED screen. It is a place of production, exchange, meeting and learning open to all those who want to discover virtual production and the various trades of virtual production.
disguise is the platform for creatives and technologists to imagine, create and deliver spectacular visual experiences. Combining the leading experience production software with powerful media server hardware, disguise empowers brands, artists, production houses and our partners to tell stories that inspire their audiences.
OptiTrack™ is the largest motion capture provider in the world, offering high-performance optical tracking at the most affordable prices in the industry. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, as well as contract engineering services.
Megapixel VR’s HELIOS LED Processing Platform reimagines processing from the ground up to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. Leverage the newest 8K and HDR formats to drive screens with the greatest visual impact in only 1RU.

Superior Color Performance

What you see on your grading monitor is what you will see on your LED display. HELIOS features the most accurate end-to-end color workflow in the industry. From video ingest to processing to display output, metadata is always honored to ensure color gamut, grayscale performance, and tone mapping look right the first time.

Dynamic Color Gamut

HELIOS provides dynamic color gamut re-targeting and accurate end-to-end color management across a variety of colorspaces. Easily switch between Rec.2020, DCI-P3, REC.709 and more.

Advanced Color Correction

A full 3×3 correction matrix is generated on-the-fly for each individual pixel based on the incoming signal’s metadata.

Cinema Grade Accuracy

Performance quality is critical on set. Your in-camera content should look precisely the same as it was authored. Genlock from input all the way to the tile output. With high bit-depth and frame rates up to 240 fps, your images will look the way they were mastered.

Better Greyscale Performance

More accurate shadow detail along with separation in highlights result in gorgeous images.