OptiTrack for
Virtual Production

OptiTrack for Virtual Production Chosen for its absolute precision, ease of use, reliability and polished integration with on-set tools, OptiTrack remains the choice for the world’s premier LED wall based virtual production stages.


By placing markers or Signature Pulse Active3 Tags on live action cameras, virtual cameras, set pieces and performers, OptiTrack’s real-time 6DoF tracking data completes the Virtual Production pipeline.

No drift, no decaying performance, no EMI environmental issues, no system artifacts—just ultra-precise tracking.

Optimized For Low Latency Throughput Into Unreal Engine

Virtual Production Stages

Delivering live action camera tracking for LED VP stages such as those used for The Mandalorian

Virtual Reality

Delivering low latency 6 DoF tracking for HMDs, player tracking, weapons and set pieces

Real Time Character Animation

With fluid, nuanced, signature motion for film, episodic TV and games

Continuous Calibration. Dramatically reduces operator workload while consistently improving data quality. After initial camera installation and ‘wand wave’, Motive calibrates automatically with data collected during normal use of the system. No longer does your calibration degrade over time with changing temperatures or challenging building movement—it is always a “fresh” calibration delivering precision tracking data.

External sync, Genlock, and Time Code. Synchronize Prime and Primex cameras to any signal or source with the eSync 2 with all the functionality and flexibility you’d expect with a professional tracking system. Cameras sync to dozens of sources including a professional cameras’ Genlock signal, where record and other event triggering can be managed from general purpose inputs and software commands.

Use the sync output signal as a master or to trigger force plates, EMGs and National Instrument DAQs for flexible yet precise hardware synchronization. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging. OptiTrack’s free and open SDK allows for further customization within the timing protocols.

Setup and operation is easy. Motive makes system setup easy. Aim Assist, auto-masking, one-click rigid body creation, versatile hardware and the industry’s longest range cameras make even large systems easy to set up with just one person.

Join the World’s Largest Motion Capture Community.

OptiTrack users form the largest community of motion capture professionals in the world. From enabling a quadriplegic to drive a race car with his head, to creating the largest volume in history, to teaching robots to fly – together, they are accomplishing remarkable things. Come join our public forums, where you can talk shop with other users, as well as the OptiTrack support and dev teams.

1. Most camera configurations will produce accuracies of +/- 0.2mm, even across large tracking areas.

2.OptiTrack systems derive global orientation (rotation) from three or more passive or active markers. As such, rotational accuracy can vary with the distance between these markers. Please speak with one of our engineers to ensure your installation will deliver your target accuracies.

3.Signature Pulse Active markers provide their own unique ID, resulting in 100% error free labels. When introduced into the tracking area, the LED markers are acquired in < 0.1 seconds. Unique marker placements based on spatial separation, normally required for passive marker tracking, are not required for distinguishing multiple rigid bodies.


Powerful on-board image processing. All OptiTrack cameras feature integrated image processing. The algorithms which identify markers and marker centers, and the sequence of data delivery are important steps to achieve both world leading accuracy and low latency.

Mix and match cameras. Any camera in the Prime and Primex family can be used together to create the optimal configuration for any use case. That is 11 different cameras that can be chosen to deliver the highest 3D accuracy in any environment.