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XR Filmmaking Market Trends

The global extended reality (XR) market attained a valuation of $3,951 million in 2019 and is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 17.13% from 2020 to 2025. Among them, the growth trend of XR Filmmaking is unstoppable, which not only effectively saves costs for film makers, but also provides more impressive film images. As the first work of Disney’s streaming media platform, the Star Wars series of American drama “MANDALORIAN” filmed using XR technology has achieved great success. Now, filmmakers and show runners are making these LED rigs a permanent part of production studio, like Pinewood Studios, the filming ground for several Marvel films. The studio will offer a rig that can be transported to any stage, but ultimately wants a permanent LED installation.

Advantages of XR Filmmaking LED Display Solutions

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Cost Saving

The three-dimensional LED video wall stage technology and playback technology have greatly reduced the post-production time for the visual effects department, and the film production cost has also been greatly reduced. Meanwhile, these technologies will greatly shorter the speed of movie releases and the investment cycle of investors. The highlight, reflection and rebound of the three-dimensional LED video wall stage on the film reflective suit are more accurate.

Efficient Shooting

The unreal engine can create unlimited space and free movement of the camera. Through this system, the camera movement in the physical space and the camera movement of the unreal engine can be interactively controlled. The real-world camera motion coordinate system and the camera coordinate system in the virtual world are originally two completely independent subjects that cannot interact with each other. Through XR technology, the virtual space constructed by the unreal engine can be combined with the motion of the real-world camera so as to realize real-time interaction and control.

Efficient Shooting

The virtual space is the biggest challenge for the actors’ performance and director’s control. The live LED simulation image presentation brings the actors in the studio directly into the real scene. The impressive performance allows the actors to be targeted and believe in their relationship with space. The real “virtual world” allows actors to build a belief in their performances and achieve experiential performances like “I believe” and “I am”.

  • Impressive filmmaking scene
  • High shooting efficiency
  • Shorter post-production time
  • Accurate and realistic experience
  • Freer shooting
  • Convenience post-cutting limitation

XR Principles of Studio Realization

rendering engine and control server system LED display system diagram
XR program Video Server connections diagram

Virtual house production Filming Products

Special Design for XR Filmmaking
XR Studio film set virtual production camera Mandalorian

Virtual productioh house products have been widely used in virtual production. Furthermore, the advantages of virtual filming products such as high brightness, high refresh rate, dynamic colour range and ultra-wide viewing angle have reached an ultra high level, they can be used for facade display, celling display, floor tiles display and other filmmaking applications.

XR Studio module LED display back view differents size

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