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Virtual Production House – studio de production

Virtual Production House - studio de production





Street Co’ decided to diversify and created a subsidiary called Virtual Production House, which brings together different virtual production studios that provide LED screens to facilitate production shoot.

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mandolorian vph


It is a technology that will allow the generation of computer-generated images in real time in order to bring part of the VFX directly to the film set. Thanks to these computer-assis ted production methods, virtual production improves creativity and saves time.




Our studios allow you to facilitate the realization of your projects in order to express your creativity, by offering you an innovative concept so that you can have all the necessary equipment. VPH is also a place of exchange and meeting between all the different trades of Virtual Production, it is a dynamic and collaborative space. With Virtual Production House, let yourself be transported around the world in a few seconds and without moving, in order to carry out all your production in a single day.

Don’t be limited by time, borders or light. Thanks to virtual production, you can create the setting of your dreams, whether you find yourself on a paradisiacal beach in Punta Cana or in the middle of an emblematic attraction in New York City the next second.

The objective is to give everyone access to an exceptional place where you can unleash and express your creativity, learn this new cutting edge technology that is virtual production and shoot your future production projects. In this place, you will be able to give life to all your projects while innovating and letting your creativity express itself according to your desires and without limits.

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We provide you with our various services such as high quality equipment, a virtual set with a surface area of 500m2, our LED screens provided by us (Street Co’), coworking spaces, dressing rooms and a technical staff to manage your shoots.

With the Virtual Production House, all your projects will be possible. We offer you the opportunity to use our studios for a day, a week or a month, depending on your needs and desires, and to provide quality equipment. Expert in the production of digital LED screens, our screens have been tested and specially designed for the film industry.


VPH is located in Studio Kremlin, in Ivry-sur-Seine and will have for its R&D an additional 18m2 LED screen, a green screen; more than a dozen workstations with as many VR headsets/tracking systems – integrated in a larger 650m2 coworking space dedicated to film and TV professionals. We also have another studio in Paris, also with LED screens. The Virtual Production House is open and intended for everyone, director, producer, videographer, cinematographer etc., all potential professions related to the creation of visual content with the only objective: to realize the content of your imagination that you want

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To develop the best solutions and products for Virtual Production House, we decided to collaborate and create a partnership with NEOSET and DLP. This allowed us to combine our knowledge and test new technologies in an active studio environment.

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In this place, you can bring all your large-scale projects to life while innovating and letting your creativity express itself as you wish and without limits.

With the Virtual Production House, all your projects will be possible.

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