USK Series packshot

USK Series

USK Series

  • Outdoor HD Display Series
USK Series nature image stable operation

Nature Image, stable operation

USK, which has multiple virtues such as excellent display performance, super stability, energy-saving, and user-friendly designs, with high-end design concept to bring customers higher advertising value.

Dark ! Birghter !

  • With a higher contrast ratio and brightness, USK can present a stunning visual experience and the advertisements will be more eye-catching.
  • 6000 nits brightness
  • 6500:1 contrast ratio
  • 2.6/2.9/3.9/4.8/5.9 available
USK Series darker and brighter
USK Series ultra clear image with 7680 refresh rate

Ultra clear image with 7680 refresh rate

USK support 7680Hz refresh rate, ensuring a more realistic and smoother visual experience ith a no ghosting and visible scan-lines

Ultra-ide Viewing Angle

Ultra-wide vieing angle 160°/140°. bringing all-round advertising to media clients and improving user perception

USK Series ultra wide viewing angle
USK Series keep the ads perfectly rendered at any time

Keep the ads Perfectly rendered at any time

  • Day and night dual program to ensure that the grayscale will not be lost when the brightness is reduced at night
  • Mode switching is easily achieved in one second
  • The timing switch function is under development

Creative installation

The cabinet has a 45° design, which can easily match the needs of different scenarios.

USK Series creative installation
USk Series hassle free front & rear maintenance

Hassle-free Front & Rear Maintenance

USK supports front & rear installation and maintenance, flexible installation and use.

Die-cast aluminum Cabinet, Unaffected by Salt Spray

Adopt reliable die-casting aluminum housing and multiple special processing, USK can easily meet the protection needs of coastal areas, beaches, swimming pools,etc… Without fear of salt spray environment erosion.

USK Series die cast aluminum cabinet
USK Series efficient heat dissipation design

Efficient Heat dissipation

With innovative heat dissipation designs, USK can effectively reduce external environmental and internal thermal effects to keep it operating at normal temperatures.

Large Rear cover
Double-sided gluing design
Sunshade design

Front & Rear Installation

  • Hanging installation
  • Front & rear installation stacking structure
Front & Rear installation RN Series
USK Series IP69K superior waterfproof performance

IP69K protection – superior waterproof performance

Compared with IP65, IP69K is a higher dimension protection test, which is closer to the real application of outdoor display screens, so customers don’t need to worry about USK’s operation status.

DVPS Energy-saving Technology

Equipped with the latest DVPS energy-saving technology, USK consumes less electricity and produces fewer carbon emissions than conventional 5v poer supplies, ensuring a higher return on investment for customers and outdoor media.

USK Series DVPS Energy saving technology
USK Series EMC Class B design

EMC Class B Design

Based on the excellent circuit design, USK can meet the electromagnetic requirements of EMC Class B for a single cabinet. USK can not only operate without causing electromagnetic interference to other equipment in its environment but also can not be adversely affected by other devices.

Power & data Redundancy

The ample internal space allows USK to supprt power & data redundancy so that USK can maintain ultra-stable operations.

USK Series power and data redundancy
USK Series remote monitoring of LED Screen Status

Remote monitoring of LED Screen Status

Fast installation, easy maintenance