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Transparent Digital OLED: A New Era of Signage

Digital technology has transformed the entire global business landscape from management, processes and production right up to marketing, communication and servicing. This digital change comes in a variety of formats that include an assortment of digital devices, social media, applications, mobility, and as well as for analytics or even display screens. The last factor in the string of elements presented (display screens) seems to have progressed in tangent with the progress of technological developments and LED technology seems to have captured the ‘display world’ market not just by any storm, but by a category 5 hurricane. LED displays are currently used for a wide variety of commercial purposes that are observable just about anywhere we go. They are used as display units on shelves at stores and supermarkets, wrapped around columns at major venues, cover entire buildings and are also made interactive to enhance the level of satisfaction and augment their ‘consumer experience’. More recently the arrival of LG OLED screens into the scene slightly more than 10 years ago has moved things further down the path. This is especially true when it comes to the LG Transparent OLED signage which has raised the bar of creativity to such a level that conventional digital signage is rapidly being seen as obsolete items.

LG OLED Technology

Companies such as Street Communication see LG’s OLED technology as being among their ‘star products’ simply because the displays have unique features that cannot be found anywhere else. With self-lighting pixels that maintain precise and vibrant colours even when these LED display screens are in a transparent mode that brings whatever content display to life, LG OLEDs in one word are ‘remarkable’.

he high level of transparency in most cases mesmerise viewers due to its ‘holographic effect’ that makes it a bit tricky and yet interesting in discerning content from the actual objects that lay behind these amazing LED screens. Coupled with the fact that these OLED displays are also interactive due to the multiple layers they can act as direct ‘service points’ that takes care of business even when human factors are absent. Credit goes to the high transparency level of these screens which is at 38% which is out of reach for conventional LCDs that also offer transparency as a featur

LG Transparent OLED signage is, in essence, a ‘chameleon-like element’ simply because it blends into the environment that it is placed in naturally and seamlessly. The display’s see-through feature of these screens practically turns the space where they are installed into free interactive spaces. This feature makes viewers feel as though they are on the USS Enterprise, which is among the reasons that companies such as Street Communication seem to promote it more than most other LED products. Customer satisfaction with the LG Transparent OLED indoor screen is practically secured with this product

Technical Upsides

In most cases, products such as the Transparent LG OLED Indoor screen would be rigid because of its high level of functionality, but this is not the case. This particular product is as versatile as most other LED products offered up by industry leaders such as Street Communication because companies such as Street Communication make it a point that the products and services they offer are customizable for clients to the last detail. The LG OLEDs are configurable from various perspectives and can be constructed in such a way that these screens could take on just about any shape or size

that enhances the product’s ability to adapt and blend into any kind of environment.From a bird’s eye view, the transparent OLED LG indoor provides or rather enables a new way of communication due to the interactivity feature of the product which makes it perfect as a marketing or advertising tool apart from a service provision element. In essence, the colours are vivid and better, the sharpness is higher, brightness is unmatchable in its category even with its transparency rate of 38%. The application possibilities for these screens as mentioned earlier are simply limitless as they could be used for just about anything at all.


These transparent OLED screens are part of Street Communications main staple product and have been successfully deployed for a variety of clients from completely different industries. Within France, these screens could be seen at major retail stores of well-known brands as facades that stream information and an assortment of graphics without hiding anything inside the store. They are also popular as guide consoles where visitors are easily able to pull up information by simply using its touch-screen feature. At exhibitions, these screens become an attraction that seems to steal the limelight from the main attraction.

An example of this for instance is a scenario where there might be an exhibition on Jurassic creatures such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Stegosaurus or any other dinosaur and you had one of these interactive OLED displays placed right in front of these exhibition items containing complete ‘additional information’ that could be accessed by audiences at will without covering up anything behind the screens. In most instances, visitors seem to stop admiring the large specimens and fix their attention on the OLEDs. This phenomenon is mainly because the transparent OLED screen enhances their level of experiencing the venue and whatever that is being promoted at the venue.

These screens are also applicable at hotels and are installed as interactive centrepieces or a ‘front desk service element’ that does not only enhance the level of service of the place but also act as an ‘aesthetic augmenter’. The fact is that these OLED screens are multipurpose due to several reasons, but mainly due to the high level of flexibility and versatility. Other plus points about this product include its durability, robustness, easy maintenance, high performance, easy installation, cost-effective in the long run and most of all attractive. LG’s Transparent OLEDs is in essence ahead of its time and most major players from different industries are already making the transition leaving the question a question to the readers of this article – Are you a leader or a follower?

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