Transparent / glass LED full HD display – Showcase demo project for Barnes & Noble, NYC 5th avenue

    How to take advantage of your windows retail facade using transparent LED display facing the street

    Getting notice in an elegant and sophisticated way, is the choice that Barnes & Noble made, here is how :

    Barnes & Noble Transparent LED Showcase

    Miguel Sal & Co approches Street Co’ in order to introduce one of the latest LED display innovation to their customer Barnes & Noble.

    We teamed up with one of the best brand consultant as they know Barnes & Nobles better than anyone else – Their philosophy is refined and completely dedicated to the top end innovation and design. So they understood the benefit of using Transparent LED display to turn Barnes&Nobles windows into a fantastic LED display screen running 24 hours to display great inspiring content to the Yorkers.

    Miguel Sal & Co were inspired by a project recently created by Street C’s team of experienced engineer and designers for Primark in Madrid.

    The store we are talking about is located on the 5th Avenue in New York, one of the most prestigious avenue of the world. This store is one of the most important of the Brand, by his major location. Thousands of people pass by this store every day, and they wanted an innovative way to attract and welcome them in.

    If any brand located on the 5th avenue with has 200 sqm of window glass facade and turn them into a transparent LED display screen for retail windows facade which light up with great content during night time and let through natural light on a day time will have a guaranteed success both visually and financially.

    In fact the retailer can then expose product that they sell in the shop making sure the brand is paying extra money to show his product on the 5th avenue.

    Our architects and engineers imagined and designed several LED panels that would fit perfectly in the showcase without filling the whole space, just enough to reclaim the store’s facade and attract people’s attention. New York is filled with screens and billboards at every corner, especially on this main Avenue, so, in order to stand out, we, at Street Communication, decided to use the latest transparent LED displays technologies that are innovative, original, and eye-catching. Getting notice in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality.

    Engineering of the transparent LED windows

    Stores plan for transparent led installation on showcase nyc 5 th avenue

    Engineering of Transparent LED windows on glass facade for retail.