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Transparent LED installation for Show DC in Bangkok, Thailand

Show DC, a huge shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, called us at StreetCo’ so that we could help them improve their facade and building interior with our creative and innovative touch.

Our designer team joined to one of our partners, E-like, to imagine, design, manufacture an then install those transparent LED panels.

Transparent LED panels have the advantage of being bright, fanless, and of course, transparent.

Those displays are really surprising; indeed, their 87% transparency allows light to pass trough each side of the screen, which is still uncommon in our global urban environment. Therefore, the transparent LED display attracts and distracts passers by and shoppers of the mall. It also allows designers and creators to play with the foreground and background to create stunning and smart video animations and media to display on the LED module.

Our engineer and designer team decided to use transparent LED display that features :
  • 87% of transparency
  • A brightness over 6000 nits
  • A fanless cooling system
  • A high refresh rate and gray scale
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • For a total of 132 square meters.
See this project in its final application bellow :
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