Transparent LED Facade Building

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    User Interface Design 70%
    Photography 90%
    Branding & Identity 85%
    Project Management 80%
    Marketing 75%
    Logistics 50%
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    They choose to use the latest innovations, such as Transparent LED displays to enhance those windows.

    Indeed, Transparent LED displays are surprising; they look like classical screen from a certain distance, but when the screen turns of, it lets appear the background. Its pitch is sufficient enough to allow a high definition image, but also to let light from the other side pass trough. On those windows, the Transparent LED displays, equipped with the latest LED technologies (to allow a high transparency, a good quality image and a high refresh rate) broadcast colorful commercials of the brands retailed to intrigue and attract passengers. We also provided the video some of the contents that will be broadcasted on the screens, thanks to our designer team. The two stores just opened and let the customers enjoy their new very visual stores. You can check the complete evolution and result of our building team’s hard work just bellow !