Transparent In-glass LED building facade curved outdoor screen

    Transparent LED building facade screen flexible curved outdoor presentation

    This product is perfect for big or tall building offices that want to stand out of the crowd, take control of the light surrounding the area and bring a “Wow factor” to their facade by using those futuristic LED displays. It’s a good value to ad to a building for architects that look for the best and the beauty of the building they are creating.

    You can get those displays for indoor or outdoor applications, with various pixel pitches

    Depending on the viewing distance, the budget and the result you want to get for your project.

    Flexible LED building facade display for buildings is the best way to create an impressive and amazing effect to the whole city. The taller the building will be the better will be the impact.

    We have a :

    • Structural engineer (Stability and safety calculation)
    • Designer/architect (Design and esthetic)
    • LED engineer (LED product design)

    That will guide you through the best solution for your needs.

    LED facade building display brand watch


    LED flexible facade building can be curved, rolled, hung and folded, or you can use the LED module alone. Just use your imagination, you will be amazed by what you can do with it.

    Easy to use

    Due to its simple design and light weight, it has never been so easy to install an LED display like this

    Save the budget

    If you are looking for a cost-effective LED solution, a large screen with great effect, this LED flexible building is the perfect match for you.

    Street views of Transparent LED display for outdoor use

    Find here another example of one of the many innovative and futuristic solutions we can bring in order to give the best visibility you can get.

    Those Flexible facade building LED displays allow you to broadcast the content you want in a remarquable:

    • High quality
    • Technologic and innovative angle
    • Elegant way

    by also letting light going through each side of the screen.

    Facade building LED screen curved display map


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