Transparent glass LED film

Transparent screen LED display presentation

We’ve standard module size can be assembled into large displays according to the projet detail. Unparalleled transparency with high transparency, the display is almost invisible. High transparency and resolution display ensure incredible graphic and effects.

Setup your Transparent screen LED.

  1. Physical space and dimensions to set up your transparent screen LED.
  2. Provides optimal solutions with different resolution for the same screen.
  3. Scenario for the script of the animation. This is the most imaginative part of the process and we encourage you to dream big!

We offer advice based on our expertise on any steps you may need to consider to ensure demanding customer.

You can quickly fix LED module on another one with hands and tailor-made installation is also available. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system and expectations.

Transparent LED module and simple support frame create more cleans and resolution optimal for sharp image. Unique design simple and reliable. Perfect product for display your brand with clarity image.LG Color Transparent LED Film takes a new approach. It is a transparent LED film that can be installed to the existing glass surface, thanks to its specially developed “Self – Adhesive” material

Moreover, the “Superb Transparency” brings mystic beauty to the attached glass or window during full color content playback. Clever way to renovate your store or building, offering “Eye – catching” digital contents or information while providing incomparable

Advantage types

A . Specially built for a shopping center – This transparent LED will get noticed in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality

B . Bring a retail store entrance alive in a way that enhances the brand, product and entrance. Getting notice in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality

C . Transparent LED display which could be stuck, to do what traditional display cannot do then ho help customer generate revenue

D . Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations. It can play the advertisement when it is turn on and can decorate the windows when it is turn off

Transparent screen LED wall glass
USP LG aspect

When it comes to LED projects, our strength lies in consulting from A to Z. Together with you, we define the action to take, and set the milestones to reach. Although each projet has its unique parameters, the last milestone is our standard aim : satisfied client Key asset is ur free of charge technical support to all clients, to guarantee the most reliable solutions every day.

Transparent LED display mountainous landscape

Implementation custom and made to measure Transparent screen LED

Once your requirements are all cleared, Street Communication’s team will build a completely bespoke Transparent screen LED to meet your exact needs, goals, system and experience expectations. This final phase also covers the physical fix or rental install.
Systeme layout

Transparent glass LED film – Specification

Tab specification Transparent screen LED display presentation tab
Power tab

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