Transparent Adhesive LED

    Transparent / glass LED full HD display – Showcase demo project

    Miguel Sal & Co approches Street Co’ in order to introduce one of the latest LED display innovation to their customer Barnes & Noble.

    We teamed up with one of the best brand consultant as they know Barnes & Nobles better than anyone else – Their philosophy is refined and completely dedicated to the top end innovation and design. So they understood the benefit of using Transparent LED display to turn Barnes&Nobles windows into a fantastic LED display screen running 24 hours to display great inspiring content to the Yorkers.

    View outdoor transparent LED

    BMW, Lamborghini and Mercedes transparent LED

    An attractive showcase with Transparent LED display for BMW, Lamborghini and Mercedes

    One of our new clients, Rive Gauche (or Reev Gosh), is one of the largest perfume and make-up retailers in Russia, with more than 200 stores. Rive Gauche contacted us, at Street Co‘, to find an innovative and creative way to enhance two of their brand new stores. They wanted something futuristic and quite still unknown so people would be attracted to come in. Our architects analyzed the stores’ arrangement in order to propose the best suitable solution to enhance the space and catch the eyes of the customers.

    Behind our Transparent LED display

    Since they didn’t have the design touch to create something attractive, innovative and still matching the architecture of the building. Situated in Rotterdam, New Babylon is a building complex that is part of the buildings around the Central Station, which is the business district of the city. New Babylon now consists of a shopping center, offices, two residential towers and a hotel. Through this model, Street Co’ ensure the best design that we can bring to our customers.


    Behind our Transparent LED display

    Same model of Transparent LED with soft package

    Mall transparent LED display

    Mall transparent LED display :

    Specially built for a shopping center – This transparent LED will get noticed in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality.


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