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Tianjin Grand Bridge Outdoor LED

Tianjin Grand Bridge Outdoor LED

Tianjin Grand bridge
outdoor led


The Tianjin Grand Bridge is a railway viaduct that connects the cities of Langfang and Qingxian, forming a section of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. According to the Guinness Book of Records 2011, it is recognized as the second longest bridge in the world with a total length of about 113.7 km.

The Tianjing Grand Bridge has been equipped with an outdoor LED screen, this LED Screen made it possible to refresh the facade, facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions and generate attention.This solution LED is perceived as an innovative and futuristic solution that brings a new touch to the architecture.

Discover how Street’co create and design LED display lighting solutions and offers a complete solution for building facade displays designed for both : Architectural light and The complete lighting of the screen. 


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