The Wonderful World of Outdoor Displays

    The Wonderful World of Outdoor Displays

    When an entity intends to send out a message or create awareness about something, what they normally resort to is advertising and advertising has a plethora of forms, vectors or format. From holding events to splashing attractive images on print publications or just word of mouth, advertising is as they say about love “A Many Splendored Thing”. However, it is always important that the sender of the message or the ‘creator’ of the awareness knows what works and what does not work as the effectiveness of the vector is only as good as its quality. For instance, if at all there was an advertisement for attire printed in grey-scale and a competitor within the same scope prints it in colour, it would come as no surprise if at all the colour print-out garners more responses and sells more.

    Humans are naturally attracted to ‘good quality that is robust, consistent and lasts’. The world has changed in respect of buyers and sellers as the days where the sellers ‘ruled’ are basically over. Since the 70s, customers ‘took over’ as they decided whom to buy from because they had choices to choose from and this situation is still standing and not likely to change anytime soon. How a customer perceives products and services is entirely dependent on how they receive the ‘message of awareness’ via an advertising vector and over the years, one vector has remained constant outdoor displays

    Outdoor displays have been a constant factor in advertising even in this day and age of the digital era. Whilst new businesses that do not have a ‘brick and mortar’ element in their business framework swear by social media advertisements, the fact remains no advertising element is as effective and as strong in ‘making statements’ as outdoor displays. Now, outdoor displays can range from cardboards with words and pictures written on them or neon signs that blink unceasingly right up to chalkboards and high-end LED displays and rest assured high-end outdoor LED displays is something that every ‘brick and mortar’ businesses should adopt to remain competitive


    LED Displays


    LED or Light Emitting Diodes were only invented after the cathode ray, however, the technology backing for LEDs have evolved so rapidly that cathode rays and even LCD screens are considered to be obsolete. This may trigger a question in most of us “why”? The answer to that question is not bound to a single ‘value’ because LED is energy efficient, robust, has a longer life span, flexible and versatile. As a matter of fact LED displays are so versatile, flexible and practical that they are scale-able to just about any size and fitted with a resolution that is suitable or required, they are incredibly customisable that they have become a portentous element of not just outdoor displays, but displays in general. These displays are able to ‘coat’ entire buildings if needed at desired resolutions due to their flexibility and ‘all for one and one for all’ characteristics. LED screens are fitted into floors that make floors look like the surface of a lake or attached to ceilings to make your ceiling look like the night sky or even wrapped around columns to make your columns look as if they were made out of glass. When used on floors they are fit into special cabinets that are able to withstand an enormous amount of weight and if used on glass windows, none would be the wiser as they say on how they are working as the mechanisms are practically invisible. The shape and size of the area that they are intended to ‘cover up’ is never a problem, provided the people hired to do the job are professionals and know what they are doing (e.g. Street Communication). Among the latest or rather ‘most popular’ LED product ‘rollouts’ from industry leaders such as Street Communication are ‘Outdoor Waterproof Flexible LED Screens’ which are being used by major brands to maintain their respective competitive advantages.

    Outdoor Waterproof Flexible LED Screens

    The screens which LED technicians term as ‘soft LED displays’ are mainly due to their flexibility and versatility’ of this ‘soft factor’ of the LED screens for outdoor displays project smooth and seamless images that are free from both gaps and shadows. These screens are only 77cm in diameter and could be stacked or suspended on each other which make installing them ‘over buildings’ easy, regardless of the size or shape of the building even if the building’s shape is like a cylinder. Whatever shape a building is whether M shaped, S-shaped, concaved or zigzagged, the point is that these screens are so flexible that they are customisable based on application or requirement. . It is the first of its kind within the LED industry (first waterproof outdoor flexible LED screen in the market) as prior to this product, although the screens were flexible, they were not waterproof making them inappropriate to environments that are wet. Apart from that, the flexibility of resolutions for these outdoor LED screens that have waterproofing allows businesses to deliver crisp and clear content that screams ‘good quality’.

    Outdoor Display Quality Factor

    As mentioned earlier, the quality of an outdoor display represents the quality of the products and services indoor, thus in order to truly capture the attention of potential customers via outdoor displays, it is imperative that the quality of outdoor displays are not undermined. The presentation of products and services to clients is a crucial factor in the decision-making process of potential clients. If you happen to run a ‘brick and mortar’ business that has a neon sign blinking in a static manner or a fancy blackboard that is artistically decorated, perhaps it is time that you consider an outdoor waterproof LED screen before your competitor does! LED screens are not ‘going to be’ the future of advertising and attracting attention because they already are! The truth of the matter is that some lead and some follow in any given industry and the only question that you have to ask yourself is whether you want to lead or follow

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