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Street Communication has initiated an active marketing campaign for the transparent LED film that is specifically targeted for windows of buildings (architectural glass) after years of being demonstrated at trade shows. This article will look into not just the technical aspects of LED films by Street Communication, but also practical applications that make these particular product lines the next ‘big thing’ within the spectrum of commercial media initiatives.

Technical Sweep of LED Films

To start with, let’s look into the physical aspects of LED films which, for starters are only 1.5mm thick which is close to the thickness of a coin. Nevertheless, it can produce well over 1,000 nits of brightness for every 668×480 mm panel which consist of 560 LED pixels and generally set at 24mm pitch that can project pictures, animation and videos in 1.7 million colour combinations. The products according to a spokesperson from Street Communication are easily fitted on glass and other transparent surfaces that has revolutionised the digital signage industry. Similar to the variations from the LG Transparent Colour LED film, companies such as Street Communication are pushing these Flexible Open-Frame OLED displays due to the products impact and versatility. The fact that these LED display units can breathe life into any given due to its uniqueness and flexibility makes them the perfect product for transparent surfaces.

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What makes this product particularly so flexible is due to the use of ‘flex’ in the LED display film. The ‘flex’ can support well over 1000R curvature that allows the film to be fitted on a curved balcony perfectly. Apart from that the display film can also be cut to just about any size or shape making it possible to cover any surface regardless of the size or shape of the transparent surface.


Due to the significant possibilities presented by the ‘Invisible-30, P31.25 mm Film Self-Adhesive LEDs’ are immense from an application perspective. The fact that they could be attached or mounted unto any surface and cut into any size and shape, plus, with adjustable resolutions to boot make them invaluable to the communication media industry. The durability and versatility of these products also make them the most cost-effective media format in the long run which is why industry leaders such as Street Communication have gone on a full-scale promotion for the P31.25mm and the P62.5mm LED transparent films from the ‘Invisible-31 and Invisible 61 series rendering them as a primary product in their portfolio. Among the reasons cited by Street Communication as to why this particular product line has become as popular as it has been listed below:
slim & light weight stickit transparent LED film

Weight & Slimness

​The fact that the LED films are incredibly light-weight make them ‘easy to manage’ by whoever is managing it. Each square metre of LED films weigh approximately 2 KGs and they are no thicker than a coin at a slimness of just 1.2 mm and coupled with the softness of the material makes installation and ‘cut-outs’ easy to fit any shape and size of the installation surface.
The transparency of stickit transparent LED film

High Level of Transparency

Another unique property that the transparent LED film has is the high transparency rate of the product which is critical towards retaining the aesthetics of the environment. The difference between the LED film offered by Street Communication and the LED film offered by competitors is the difference in the transparency rate of the products. The LED film by Street Communication has a transparency rate of 95 % leaving the backdrop of the transparent surfaces undisturbed whereas the same series of products from competitors offer only more or less 60 % transparency.

UV stickit LED film


The fact that transparent LED films are exceptionally durable also makes them a ‘go-to’ product for ‘long term’ media objectives. These LED films are also coated with UV protection that allows them to be used outdoors without having to be too concerned about radiation harm from the sun and despite that still, provide a high level of transparency. Other features that make this product line as durable as they are, include the fact that they are also moisture and ‘bump’ proof.

Creative design stickit LED film

Customisation & Flexibility

The soft material used to manufacture LED films and the configuration offers a high level of customisation that is unmatchable. The fact that the invisible LED display units can project at high resolution and full colour despite these products being labelled under the ‘Stick & Play concept’ category makes them perfect for just about any media scenario both for indoor and outdoor marketing initiatives.

size stickit LED film

Pixel Pitch Size

The pixel pitch size of LED products is directly associated with the number LED lights within a given space meaning it’s the distance between two LED nodes or lights. For instance, if the distance from the centre of one LED light and the LED light beside is 1mm, the pixel pitch size of the product would be rated as 1.0 mm pitch. What is important to know here is the fact that the smaller the pixel pitches size, the higher the resolution. Hence a 2.0 mm pitch LED screen will have a higher resolution than a 3.0 mm pixel pitch sized LED screen. The difference in the pixel pitch size also determines the distance that audiences can view the screens comfortably, meaning the higher the resolution, the closer they can view it from. Transparent LED glass/ screen or film offered by Street Communication comes in various pixel pitch sizes and configurations depending on the requirements specified by clients.

Transparent LED film offers a significantly high level of brightness ranging from 2000 to 4000 NITS and another unique factor about these films are the fact that they come in 500 mm x 500 mm sizes that could be joined to large sizes enabling them to cover large areas of any size and shape.

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The invisible LED films are great for any transparent surface and can turn dull areas in places of interests for people. According to Street Communication, these products can deliver information and support media campaigns effectively. They could also be used as an information hub in just about any venue which makes products such as the Invisible-30, P31.25 mm and the Invisible-62; P62.5 mm LED transparent films particularly unique.

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