The Evolution of Posters – The LED Poster

    Posters are considered to be among the first marketing vectors ever that were used to create awareness about products and services. The poster was, in essence, a tool for visual communication that rapidly evolved since the 1800s and was, in fact, the driver behind the development of typography as posters were intended to be read from more than average distances and thus the needed larger type of fonts to be produced that were still catchy or appealing. The idea of using posters to promote, advertise or create awareness rapidly spread across the planet becoming a staple for the graphic design industry. Artists such as Henry Van de Velde and Henry Toulouse-Lautrec made a living by creating posters for specific clients. Eventually, posters were used to promote just about everything imaginable such as political parties, product advertisement, recruit soldiers, spread ideology and even oppose laws. The material that posters were made from also changed, starting from cloth and paper, some innovative poster makers started using wood whilst others resorted to metal boards. When electricity and lights came about in the late 19th century, designers started incorporating lights to enhance the aesthetics of the posters and now nearly 200 years later, posters have not stopped evolving. These days, millions of digital posters are created every single day on the internet for a multitude of reasons and the latest addition to the fray is the LED poster.

    Digital LED Poster Displays

    Interactive led poster

    Digital LED posters are not exactly new, but the new improved features that have come about due to the advancements in LED technology has certainly made a big difference in the evolution of posters. The greatest attribute of the LED poster displays includes the convenience that they provide, their cost-effectiveness and appeal of the projections that could range from promotional content for business objectives, path-finding information, schedules or just even general information.

    The fact that these displays may be reused is among the factors that make them the preferred choice as the content can be changed easily via ‘cable-less connect technology’ meaning it is possible to upload content with either USB drives or even by Wi-Fi. In essence, these products are marketed by companies such as Street Communication and others within the LED media industry as “plug-and-play” broadcast and communication systems. This is because these systems are user-friendly and do not involve complicated configurations,

    complex wiring or programming. The systems come with an inbuilt media player that is capable of playing most media formats. The projections are in high resolution and brightness as in general they come with a pixel pitch size of 2.5 mm which provides superb clarity and high contrast regardless of the environment or ambient light levels. There is no doubt that digital LED posters are powerful mediums on which marketing messages could be effectively communicated to the masses with a level of impact that would stop targeted audiences in their tracks.


    LED Poster

    Led Poster brochure

    LED posters are available for purchase and as well as rentals for conferences, events, or direct advertising. The systems are easy to install and with companies such as Street Communication these systems could be easily integrated with other audio and video equipment to enhance the objectives of the client. The primary idea behind LED posters is to present or convey messages in the most effective manner that catches the attention of the audience and hence the vectors or media formats used to present these messages should not compromise on presentation quality. The specialists from companies such as street communication can provide solutions beyond expectations while keeping the client’s goals and objectives in place. They can provide turnkey solutions for clients based on the needs of their clients which is a critical success factor when it comes to advertising.


    led poster product

    Posters have indeed come a long way since their first appearances on plain paper, LED posters now can offer a level of audio and visual communication that is unmatchable due to their flexibility, versatility, durability, quality and long term cost-effectiveness. The fact that these posters could also be rented as ‘ad display units’ allows smaller business owners to be able to gain a competitive advantage over their

    competitors by improving the experience of the consumer. Coupled with the fact that these products are easy to install/ assemble and disassemble and independent due to their in-built support systems (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB etc.) business owners will be able to communicate or rather control these systems using their smartphones, laptops and other devices via Wi-Fi which eliminates the ‘messy wiring’ factor.

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