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Transparent adhesive screen

Client: TBES

Early 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by TBES to add a digital touch to the space they are renovating for their client.

Faithful to the artisan spirit and professionalism that make their identity, they have gradually gained the trust of new and sometimes prestigious clients. Hospitals, nurseries and schools, town halls, performance halls, sports facilities and other everyday buildings. TBES installs electricity in the heart of the city of Paris

They design, install, renovate, maintain and troubleshoot, from targeted intervention to large-scale projects. They are working on imagining electrical solutions for their client.

Context / environment : create a new space with a display ceiling led

TBES is in charge of renovating offices in the center of Paris, 2min by feet from Saint-Lazare train station.

Like most shops or brands, outdoor communication is key to attract attention and communicate with bystanders.

Since we have a strong presence in Paris, France, for custom and uncommon LED screens, It didn’t take long to TBES to find us and enquire for a 5m2 transparent adhesive LED Screen, which would be used as a communication tool facing the outdoor bystanders.
The most important for this project seemed to be a screen with high transparency and very thin.

Solution to install a ceiling led transparent

The screen needed to be as thin as possible so we went for the Transparent Adhesive screen (3mm thick).

After a few weeks working on the possible dimensions to fit the exact window size we finally settled on a 2×2.5m (5m2) Transparent Adhesive P10 LED screen.

P10 gives a good transparency (75%) which enables outdoor sunlight to go in the building.

The screen’s resolution is 200×250 and will be used to display simple animation and adds.
For this screen we used a video processor that enables the customer to load the video of his choice remotely using only wifi and ViplexHandy application. This is a very easy way to send a video content on the screen for client that have no experience using this technology. There is no need for a computer.
The video processor is called TB2 from Novastar.

Project Lead Time: 4 months

2 months for production and 2 months for transportation

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of a 6 pieces of transparent LED panels P10.

The resolution of the screen is 200×250, which is enough to broadcast what is intended by the marketing team and with a transparency of 73%!

A ceiling support structure is also studied at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Components of the project:

    • 6 pieces of transparent LED panels P10
    • 1 main power cables
    • 8 power supplies
    • 8 receiving cards
    • Brightness: 4000nits
    • Aluminium frame
    • Screen size: 2×2.5m (5m2)
    • Screen resolution: 200×250
    • Refresh rate 3840hz

Challenge to install a ceiling led transparent

For this project, the biggest challenge was the size and integration of the screen.
In the LED screen industry LED screens are customizable up to a certain limit due to mandatory accessories.
The architect asked us to stick the screen directly to the window glass pieces,which would have forced us to customize all the LED panel sizes and the integration of the accessories (considering the glass frames).

This is something we can do but for this precise project we recommended to stay on a basic suspension system, using steel wires, from the ceiling which brings the screen at 2 millimeters from the window.

This integration technique saves costs and is safer for maintenance (changing modules or accessories).

Impact : to set up a ceiling led transparent

Transparent LED screen will enable first contact with bystanders and potential visitors or clients by communicating their activities.

The building is very well located in the center of Paris which will ensure mass communication and inevitably have a positive impact on the customers activities.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date: 2022

  • Location: France, Paris

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: TBES

  • Team: Street Co’ + Street Co’ Shenzhen

Engineering of Transparent adhesive led

Quality control of Transparent adhesive led screen

Final result of ceiling led display

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