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Taizhou TV Tower Project

Taizhou TV Tower Project


Taizhou TV Tower Project Shijiazhuang TV-tower is a 280-metre standing lattice tower used for communication, built in 1998 in the city of Shijiazhuang, China.

To give life to this monument and illuminate the city, the Taizhou TV use LED screen Zebra-P50, size is  380㎡. This curtain screen has the characteristics of the strip, hollow, penetrating light, not affecting ventilation and lighting. It also adapt to harash environnement. 

This project illuminates the beautiful avenues. Thanks to this soft and natural lighting, the light pollution will be considerably reduced, will have less impact on the heritage, will drastically reduce the energy expenses of the city. This mesh LED screen, which illuminate the Tower from the outside, highlights the fine metal structure of the monument and illuminate the areas used by night-time motorists.

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