T series transcendent outdoor Led display

Outdoor LED display product series T: Transcendent display

T series transcendent outdoor

Product Appearance

Product T series

product appearance T series

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Technical drawing

Product Features

High transparencyHigh Transparency

High transparency, small wind resistance, self-
cooling ability, can maintain indoor lighting


Square meter weight of about 20 kg, only for the
traditional product 1/3, installation is not subject
to the requirements of the site load constraints

Low energyLow power consumption

The high brightness LED, high conversion efficiency
and PFC power supply, power consumption
reduced by more than half

High grayHigh gray Scale when low brightness

The use of dual latch drive to improve gray,
brightness reduction does not affect the display
grey, reduce light pollution, reduce energy consumption

No steelNo steel structure

When installed in the building walls, without
steel structure, can reduce the weight of about
50 kg per square meter of steel

Front fixFront installation

Can be installed and maintained from the
front, greatly improving the adaptability of
various on-site installation conditions

High protectionHigh protection level

Achieve the entire screen IP67 protection level,
effectively extend the life of the product

All weatherAll-weather

Low temperature, high temperature, humidity
and other environmental conditions


Comply with CE-EMC, CE-LVD, standards

ETL compliantETL

Comply with ETL standards

Product spécification