Strip Curtain LED facade building

    High brightness

    The energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen, and it’s still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.

    Beautiful appearance design

    Transparent LED modular design and simple structure make it more clear and transparent.

    Stable performance

    Countless and strict testing before products leave the factory and enjoy good reputation among clients.

    Central control

    All the displays can be controlled, monitored and updated remotely and timely.

    Noise-free power supply

    The noise-free power supply built into the frame will make no effect on the screen outlook.

    LED facade building strip curtain

    Sufficient brightness for daytime operation, suitable for outdoor billboard advertising application (mega screen, media façade, etc). Light Weight, Flex Shape, Transparency, Easy Integrate Façade Display Fixture. The product integrates with architectural facades to display complex, dynamic and colorful videos and images on building.

    By using high quality materials in combination LED strip curtain is a system with robust weathering and temperature resistance.

    LED strip Curtain facade has a simple assembly concept. Though our specially designed clip-technology systems, the LED-profiles and the universal connector system are very easy to install. And, if necessary, they can quickly and smoothly be replaced on location by our team or any strip curtain trained person.

    LED strip curtain VS traditional display:

    1. Light weight & low wind load. Street Communication LED mesh transparency up to 70% effectively reduce wind-drag.
    2. Quick installation, footless steel structure, both front & rear installation; air condition-free installation means low power consumption
    3. Easy maintenance: both front & rear maintenance; several screws to dismantle light bars without replacing the cabinet; or you can remove the cabinet quickly then maintain the light bar
    4. Highly integrated, fool-proof design, built-in power supply & receiving card, per unit can work individually; power and signal share same wire
    5. High IP rating up to IP65, efficient component and exquisite technology, stable performance.

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