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4K LED display screen for Paris & Co e-gaming center

4K LED display screen for Paris & Co e-gaming center

4K screen RESULT

Cylinder screen

Client : paris & co using a standard LED indoor e-gaming

Paris & Co is a French company based in Paris.

It has been created in collaboration with the city of Paris in order to help young start-up companies to grow faster.

We are all entering a new time where innovation will be one of the key tools for responding quickly and effectively to a new system of constraints, to major challenges in the organization of our personal and professional lives. Paris&Co has identified 98 solutions, carried by young companies incubated by Paris & Co’s agency, immediately available for companies, territories and citizens.

One of them has been the e-gaming industry.

Solution: set up a standard LED indoor e-gaming

The solution we settled on was a giant 5mLx3mH P1.87 standard indoor screen + 2 totem screens of 0.5m L x 3m H and an additional 1.5m H x 1.2m Diameter P2.5 LED Column using flexible LED screen.

  • All our screens have a refresh rate of 3840hz so that people can film the screen with their phones without having a distortion on the video and can share what they saw to their contacts. The main screen is now the center of all these start-ups interactions and work. They display on these screens whatever is needed to be shared or viewed by the others in a very simple way. The screens are starting at 50cm from the ground behind the gamers to optimize the viewing of the participants/visitors.

  • We chose P2.5 because the average viewing distance will be 3m+ so the quality of the image will be perfect.

  • We used an Aluminium support structure custom made for these LED screens.

standard LED display indoor e-gaming

Materials & laboUr

  • 15.2m2 of Standard indoor P1.87 LED panels
  • 5.5m2 of Standard indoor P2.5 LED panels
  • 5.65m2 of Flexible P2.5 LED panels
  • 1 Video processor VX4S
  • 3 MCTRL 600 sending cards
  • 3 floor standing Aluminium structures for the Standard P1.87 and P2.5 LED Screens
  • 1 steel structure for the LED Column
  • Installation: 5 days and 3 wokers
  • 1 video processor LVP919

Product specifications: Big screen P1.87

  • Lamp brand : Kinglight cooper
  • Driver: ICN2153 – 3840HZ
  • Module size: 240 x 240
  • Cabinet size: 480 x 480
  • Screen size: 5.28 x 2.88
  • Square meter: 15.2sqm Total
  • Spare parts: 16 modules / Power supply 5 / Receiving card 2
  • Video controller: X1 LVP 919 (Big screen)
  • Sending cards: X3 fois MCTRL 600 (Big screen)
  • Refresh rate: 3840HZ
  • Cabinet material: Die casting Aluminium
  • Power: IDC
  • Signal: Seetronic
  • Front maintenance: YES
  • Brightness: 600
  • Power supply: Meanwell Certification CE
  • Type of power: 220V EU Standard
  • Certification: CE for whole screen
  • IP (protection) Indoor IP31

2 LED totems P2.5

  • Lamp brand: Kinglight – Golden Wire
  • Driver: ICN2153 –
  • Module size:240 x 240
  • Cabinet size: 480 x 480
  • Screens sizes: W0.48mx2.88m H x2 (1.38m2 )
  • Total square meter: 2.76sqm total
  • Spares 8 modules / Power supply 3 /Receiving card 1
  • Sending card: One piece MCTRL 600
  • Refresh rate: 3840HZ
  • Cabinet material: Die casting Aluminium
  • Power : Power con (neutrik)
  • Signal : Ethercon (Neutrik RJ45)
  • Front maintenance: YES
  • Brightness: 600
  • Power supply: Meanwell
  • Certification CE
  • Power: 220V EU Standard
  • Indoor 31
  • Display size:H:1.5 m * W:4.0m; Total 6 sqm.
  • Diameter 1.273meters(
  • 16pcs*250mm=4000mm);
  • 2) Driver IC:MBI5153, Refresh rate 3840Hz;
  • 3) Meanwell PS and customized Cabinet;
  • 4) Nationstar Copper Wire;
  • 5) Modules: H:12PCS* W:16PCS;
  • 192PCS;
  • 6) Resolution: H:576pxls* W:1538pxls.
  • Controller: VX4S processor
  • Power supply: meanwell
  • Nova receiving cards: 10 units
  • Spare parts: 11 modules / 4 power supplies / 2 receiving cards

Challenge : standard LED indoor e-gaming

The company, was in charge of creating one of the biggest young e-Sport professionals.

They have required a giant digital touch in their newly renovated building. Multifonction LED Screens seemed to be the perfect match for this environment. The purpose of these screens is to display several live videos contents of famous E-sport gamers playing in the same room and additional information about the scores and the gaming industry. Which is highly pleasurable for the visitors. To be able to do this we needed to use several high-end multifonction video processors.

This screen needed to be as thin as possible to keep enough space between the gamers and the giant LED screen.


These screens have increased significantly the company’s possibilities in terms of work (presentations, meetings) and events organisation.

It makes their main room live twice more by bringing people and showcase the gamers’ skills on a giant HD screen. It’s a way of sharing their passion in an easier way. Increases the attractivity of the environment.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Technology System Design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • User Experience
  • Prototyping


  • Final client: Paris & Co

  • Location: Paris, France

  • Date: 2020

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: Paris & Co

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris + shenzhen offices

onsite installation PHOTO


Factory testing photo

Factory testing VIDEO

Cylinder testing photo

Factory testing VIDEO cylinder

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